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last updated 20 February 2010

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Please help me maintain the hyperlinks on this page as my time is, unfortunately, limited. If you can fill in some of the missing links, find one that's broken, or know about a more appropriate site for the band in question, please mail me, giving the correct URL(s) if possible. I will then update my database and the link will be corrected next time I recreate this page.

My full CD collection listing

You can also browse my listing of CD singles and 'Various Artists' compilation tracks.

Artist Title A/S Year
AbaraxNew! Crying of the WhalesA2005
Abdoujaparov Maria's UmbrellaS1999
Abissi Infiniti TunnelA1981
After Crying Megalázottak és MegszomorítottakA1992
Föld és ÉgA1994
De ProfundisA1996
After Crying 6A1997
Almost Pure InstrumentalA1998
Alice in Chains FaceliftA1990
All About Eve All About EveA1988
Alpha III Voyage to IxtlanA1990
The EdgeA1994
Amon Düül II Phallus DeiA1969
Castle Masters CollectionA1990
Tori Amos Little EarthquakesA1992
Ancient The Cainian ChronicleA1996
Ancient Ceremony Under Moonlight We KissA1997
Fallen Angel's SymphonyA1999
Angel Tech Constellation SongsS1999
Änglagård HybrisA1993
Fiona Apple Sleep to DreamS1997
Arab Strap The Week Never Starts Around HereA1997
Arena Songs From the Lion's CageS1995
ArsNova The Goddess of DarknessA1996
The Book of the DeadA1998
Ashtar UrantiaA2002
Asia ArenaA1996
Asia - John Wetton - Geoff Downes UK Compilation CD (promo)A2000
Astralasia The Politics of EcstasyA1992
Piched Up At the Edge of RealityA1993
Whatever Happened to Utopia?A1994
Axis MundiA1995
High Planes DrifterS1996
Astralasia & Suns of Arqa Sul-E-StompS1992
Natacha Atlas AmuletS1997
Atom Bomb Yoga HubbleS1997
Aufklärung De La Tempesta.... L'Oscuro PiacereA1995
Autumn When Lust Evokes the CurseA2002
Banco de Gaia Last Train to LhasaA1995
Bangles Greatest HitsA1990
Pato Banton Baby Come BackS1994
Barclay James Harvest The Harvest YearsA1973
Everyone is Everybody Else (remastered edition)A1974
Time Honoured GhostsA1975
Barefoot Contessa Blues for a HoneyA1998
The Beatles Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club BandA1967
The White AlbumA1968
Abbey RoadA1969
David Bedford The OdysseyA1976
Bellatrix BellatrixA1998
The Bevis Frond Any Gas FasterA1990
London StoneA1992
Biosphere SubstrataA1997
Bis The New Transistor HeroesA1997
Björk The Times sampler CDA2000
Black Widow Come to the Sabbat - the AnthologyA2003
Blessed Ethel Welcome To the RodeoA1995
Blezqi ZatsazNew! Rise and Fall of Passional SanityA1992
Blondie Parallel LinesA1978
The Complete PictureA1991
The Blue Aeroplanes SwaggerA1990
Life ModelA1994
Blur The Great EscapeA1995
Bon Jovi Crossroad (The Best of)A1994
The Boomtown Rats Loudmouth (The Best of)A1994
The Clint Boon Experience White No Sugar (This is Definitely a New Revolution!)S1999
David Bowie Space Oddity (remastered)A1969
The Man Who Sold the WorldA1971
Ziggy Stardust (remastered)A1971
Hunky DoryA1972
Aladdin Sane (remastered)A1973
Low (remastered)A1977
The Singles CollectionA1993
Brainticket CottonwoodhillA1971
Breathing SpaceNew! Coming Up For AirA2007
Sam Brown Promo CD - 'Box' + 'I Forgive You'S1997
In the Light of All That's Gone BeforeS2000
Tim Burness Infinite OceanA1997
Butterflies of Love The New PatientA2002
The Byrds Greatest Hits Re-MasteredA1990
Camel MirageA1974
The Snow GooseA1975
Miv Cameron & Kev Hughes The Empty SeatA2002
Junior Campbell Second Time AroundA2001
Mariah Carey Open ArmsA1995
Eric Carmen Eric CarmenA1975
Catatonia Way Beyond BlueA1996
I Am the MobS1997
International VelvetA1998
Mulder and ScullyS1998
Equally Cursed and BlessedA1999
Catherine Wheel Happy DaysA1995
Stephen Caudel Bow of Burning GoldA1988
Wine Dark SeaA1990
The Earth In TurquoiseA1996
Cellorhythmics InvasionA2001
Harry Chapin Short StoriesA1973
Cher The Greatest HitsA1999
Neneh Cherry ManA1996
Chris & Carla Swinger 500A1998
Christian Death Pornographic MessiahA1998
Clannad Magical RingA1983
Cockney Rebel Timeless FlightA1975
Make Me Smile - the Best ofA1992
Coldplay X&YA2005
Conny Conrad & Friends GenerationsA2004
Julian Cope InterpreterA1996
Cosmic Rough Riders Enjoy the Melodic SunshineA2000
Cosmic Smiles What a WorldA2002
High TimersA2003
Dave Cousins Two Weeks Last SummerA1972
New! Secret PathsA2008
New! DuochromeA2008
Dave Cousins & the Blue Angel Orchestra The Boy in the Sailor SuitA2007
Cousins & Conrad High SeasA2005
Dave Cousins & Brian Willoughby Old School SongsA1979
Cousteau CousteauA2000
Cathryn Craig Porch SongsA1995
Cathryn Craig & Brian Willoughby I WillA2002
New! Calling All AngelsA2009
Cranberries LingerS1994
Crimson Altar The Ghost Ship SailsA2004
Chas Cronk Mystic Mountain MusicA2002
Crooked Mouth Crooked MouthA2003
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Déjà VuA1970
Crowded House The Very Best ofA1996
Crown of Thorns BreakthroughA1995
Sheryl Crow If It Makes You HappyS1996
Curved Air AirconditioningA1970
Second AlbumA1971
Air CutA1973
Live at the BBCA1995
Jennifer Cutting's Ocean Orchestra Songs for the Night Sea JourneyA2004
Dagmar 41 FerricA1998
Roger Daltrey Roger DaltreyA1973
The Damned PhantasmagoriaA1985
Dany Odds & SodsA2006
Beneath a Thousand StarsS2006
New! Waiting RoomA2009
Dark Ocean CosmicaA2006
Datblygu Wyau & Pyst = 32 Bom = 1987-90A1995
Dead Like Harry Stories from the CellarA2005
Red DressA2006
Deep Purple Deep Purple in Rock (remastered)A1970
Deepest PurpleA1980
Derek & the Dominoes Layla and other assorted love songs (remastered)A1970
Dr Didg SerotonalityA1998
Ani DiFranco Ani DiFrancoA1990
Not a Pretty GirlA1995
Up up up up up upA1999
Dire Straits Money for NothingA1988
The Dirtmitts The DirtmittsA2001
Djam Karet Reflections from the FirepoolA1989
Burning the Hard CityA1991
The DevouringA1997
The Doors The Best of the DoorsA1985
Nick Drake Heaven in a Wild FlowerA1985
The Dreaming SilentA2000
Picturebook RainA2002
Dream Theater Images and WordsA1992
Drugstore NectarineS1995
Solitary Party GrooverS1995
Solitary Party Groover (acoustic version)S1995
Mondo CaneS1996
El President (Blue CD)S1998
El President (Pink CD)S1998
White Magic for LoversA1998
Sober (1)S1998
Sober (2)S1998
Say HelloS1998
I Wanna Love You Like a Man (Promo CD)S2000
Song for the LonelyS2000
I Wanna Love You Like a ManS2000
Songs for the Jet SetA2001
Baby Don't Hurt YourselfS2001
Dubmerge Greed and GlamourA1999
Dubstar DisgracefulA1996
Ian Dury & the Blockheads New Boots and Panties!!A1977
Bob Dylan Greatest HitsA1967
Dynamo Hum Dynamo HumA1996
The Eagles The Very Best ofA1994
Earthstone SeedA1994
Echolyn As the WorldA1995
Ectogram Eliot's Violet HourS1997
Eels Beautiful FreakA1996
Electrafixion BurnedA1995
Electric Light Orchestra Olé ELOA1976
A New World RecordA1976
Out of the BlueA1977
Electric Orange CyberdelicA1996
Endorphin EndorphinA1997
The Enid Tears of the SunA1999
Enya WatermarkA1988
Shepherd MoonsA1988
EpidaurusNew! ...endangeredA1994
Eric's Trip Purple BlueA1996
Ezra Songs from PennsylvaniaA2006
The Fall The Light User SyndromeA1996
Feeder PolytheneA1997
Felt Crumbling the Antiseptic Beauty/The Splendour of FearA1982
Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music More Than This - the best ofA1995
Fields of the Nephilim RevelationsA1993
Finally Balanced FondueA1997
FireNew! Underground and Overhead: the altternateA2006
Fish Sunsets on EmpireA1997
Flaming June RejoiceS1999
The Flaming Lips Transmissions from the Satellite HeartA1993
Fleetwood Mac Greatest HitsA1975
The Flower Kings Unfold the FutureA2002
Fluffy HypersonicS1995
I Wanna Be Your LushS1997
Focus Hocus PocusA1993
John Ford Love Is a HighwayA1998
Heading For a HighA2000
Natural HighA2002
New WorldA2005
Whatever Happened to ChristmasA2005
New! Big Hit In IndiaA2008
4 Non Blondes Bigger, Better, Faster, MoreA1992
Robert Fripp & Brian Eno The Essential Fripp and EnoA1994
The Fyreworks The FyreworksA1996
Gabriel The Demology CollectionA2004
Peter Gabriel Shaking the Tree - Sixteen Golden GreatsA1990
Galadriel Muttered Promises from an Ageless PondA1988
Galahad Nothing Is WrittenA1991
Galleon The All European heroA1995
Elmer Gantry & the Velvet Opera The Very Best ofA1996
Garbage GarbageA1995
Gene We Could Be KingsS1997
Genesis When the Sour Turns to SweetA1969
Nursery CrymeA1971
Selling England By The PoundA1973
A Trick of the TailA1975
Wind and WutheringA1976
Gentle Giant OctopusA1972
Gordon Giltrap Perilous JourneyA1977
Global ShamankaA1996
Gong Angel's EggA1973
Medwyn Goodall Medicine WomanA1992
Phillip Goodhand-Tait Oceans Away/Teaching an Old Dog New TricksA1998
The Goodies Yum Yum! The Very Best ofA1997
The Goons The World of the GoonsA1990
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci Bwyd TimeA1995
If Fingers Were XylophonesS1995
Rob Gould Caves of ThunderA1993
Rendezvous With RamaA2006
Grace Pulling Strings & Shiny ThingsA1994
Grandaddy The Sophtware SlumpA2000
Grateful Dead From the Mars HotelA1974
Grey Lady Down The CrimeA1994
The Grid Electric HeadA1990
The Grim Northern Social SnapS2000
Luther Grosvenor Under Open SkiesA2004
The Groundhogs SplitA1971
Halloween MerlinA1994
Peter Hammill Fools MateA1971
Chameleon in the shadow of the NightA1973
The Silent Corner and the Empty StageA1974
In CameraA1974
Nadir's Big ChanceA1975
The Future NowA1978
A Black BoxA1980
Sitting TargetsA1981
Enter KA1982
In a Foreign TownA1988
The Fall of the House of UsherA1991
The NoiseA1993
Roaring FortiesA1994
The Peel SessionsA1995
X My HeartA1996
George Harrison The Best ofA1976
Hawkwind Space RitualA1973
Hall of the Mountain GrillA1974
Warrior on the Edge of TimeA1975
Quark, Strangeness and CharmA1989
Electric TeepeeA1992
The Best ofA1994
Space BanditsA1995
Headhunters Millennium Time BombA1997
Anne-Marie Helder The ContactA2004
Hen Wlad fy Mamau Land of my MothersA1995
James Hesford and Gabriel Gorsky James Hesford and Gabriel GorskyA2000
Steve Hillage Fish RisingA1975
Open (featuring Studio Herald)A1979
Rainbow Dome MusickA1979
Motivation RadioA1987
Carolyn Hillyer & Nigel Shaw Songs of the Forgotten PeopleA1996
Hole Live Through ThisA1994
The Hollies Greatest HitsA2003
Hopper English and FrenchA1996
The HumanitariansNew! BornA2009
Illusion Out of the Mist/IllusionA1978
Ilúvatar IlúvatarA1993
The Incredible String Band Changing HorsesA1969
Indigo One:A1996
Inkubus Sukkubus BeltaineA1991
Belladonna & AconiteA1996
Vampyre EroticaA1997
Away with the FaeriesA1998
The Beast with Two BacksA2003
Wytches & Vampyres - the Best OfA2005
Witch QueenA2005
IQ Tales From the Lush AtticA1984
The WakeA1985
Dark MatterA2004
Iron Butterfly In-a-Gadda-Da-VidaA1968
Iron Maiden The X FactorA1995
Best of the BeastA1996
Irony Some Wide HorizonA1998
Out of Our Heads AgainA1998
Medicine ManA1998
Funny How Time FliesA2001
Faraway FriendA2002
These ImagesS2003
Yeah But...A2005
Isildur's Bane The VoyageA1992
David Jackson Tonewall StandsA1992
Jamiroquai Space CowboyS1994
Japan In VogueA1996
Jean-Michel Jarre OxygeneA1976
Jefferson Airplane Il Grande RockA1991 ofA1996
The Jesus & Mary Chain PsychocandyA1986
Stoned & DethronedA1994
Jethro Tull Aqualung (25th Anniversary Special Edition)A1971
Thick as a BrickA1972
Broadsword and the BeastA1982
The Best of Jethro TullA1993
Jewel Pieces of YouA1994
Eddie Jobson/Zinc The Green AlbumA1983
Billy Joel All About SoulS1993
The Essential Billy JoelA2000
Elton John Goodbye Yellowbrick Road (Classic Years Remaster)A1973
Caribou (Classic Years remaster)A1974
Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt CowboyA1975
The CollectionA1989
The Very Best of Elton JohnA1990
Love SongsA1995
Joy Division Unknown PleasuresA1979
Judge Dread The Very Worst of Judge DreadA1991
Jump ...and all the King's MenA1994
The Myth of IndependenceA1995
Living in a Promised LandA1998
A Man Was MadeA2004
Juno Reactor Beyond the InfiniteA1995
Kansas MasqueA1975
Left OvertureA1976
Kara KaraA2005
Karnataka KarnatakaA1998
The StormA2000
Delicate Flame of DesireA2003
Strange BehaviourA2004
New! The Gathering LightA2010
Kenickie Millionaire SweeperS1996
Nigel Kennedy KafkaA1996
King Crimson In the Wake of PoseidonA1970
Starless and Bible BlackA1974
The Compact King CrimsonA1986
Kingfisher SkyNew! Hallway of DreamsA2008
King Missile The Way to SalvationA1991
Happy HourA1992
King MissileA1994
Knight Area The Sun Also RisesA2004
Kournakova Communicate don't fade...A2002
Sonja Kristina & Cloud 10 Harmonics of LoveA1996
Kryptästhesie Inner WhirlA1996
Kula Shaker TattvaS1996
Hey DudeS1996
La Honda 27 WomenS2001
Lamb Fear of FoursA1999
Lambert Cronk Touch the EarthA2007
Dave Lambert Work In ProgressA2004
Land Speed Record On a RacetrackS2000
Cyndi Lauper Twelve deadly cyns... and then someA1994
Leaves' Eyes ElegyS2005
Led Zeppelin RemastersA1990
Riley Lee & Matthew Doyle Wild Honey DreamingA1993
Leftfield LeftismA1995
Legend Light in ExtensionA1991
Second SightA1993
Triple AspectA1996
Tom Lehrer Tom Lehrer In ConcertA1994
John Lennon Plastic Ono BandA1970
Mind GamesA1973
Walls and BridgesA1974
Levitation CoterieA1992
Gordon Lightfoot Gord's GoldA1975
Lightning Seeds JollificationA1994
Lindisfarne The Best ofA1989
Linoleum DissentA1997
On a TuesdayS1997
Llwybr Llaethog Hip-Dub Reggae-Hop 1985-2000A2000
Steve Lukather LukeA1997
Lush LovelifeA1995
Eleanor McEvoy Eleanor McEvoyA1993
Loreena McKennitt The VisitA1991
Sampler CDA1998
Magenta SevenA2004
New York SuiteA2006
New! The CollectionA2008
Magic Carpet Magic CarpetA1971
Magic Mushroom Band Process of IlluminationA1996
Manning The Ragged CurtainA2002
Mantra Every DefectA1999
Marillion Script For a Jester's TearA1983
Misplaced ChildhoodA1985
Clutching at StrawsA1987
Seasons EndA1989
The Marionettes Ave DementiaA1992
Mastermind Volume OneA1987
Volume Two "Brainstorm"A1989
Mellow Candle Swaddling SongsA1972
Melys CuckooS1997
Rumours and CursesA1998
Mermaid Kiss The Mermaid Kiss AlbumA2003
Salt on SkinA2006
John Miles RebelA1976
New! ZaragonA1978
Master SeriesA1998
Robert Miles DreamlandA1996
Misalliance Fortune my FoeA1996
Dippers at the Black PoolA1999
Joni Mitchell JoniMitchellA1968
Colin Mold Water of DivinityA2007
y Moniars Methu Cadw Ni LawrA1998
The Monks Bad HabitsA1979
Monty Python's Flying Circus Monty Python SingsA1989
The Moody Blues In Search of the Lost ChordA1968
Moonloonies DetonatorA1994
Moonstone StairwayA1988
Gary Moore After HoursA1992
Mostly Autumn For All We SharedA1998
The Spirit of Autumn PastA1999
The Last Bright LightA2001
The Story So FarA2001
Music inspired by Lord of the RingsA2001
Live at the Canterbury FayreA2003
Storms Over Still WaterA2005
Heart Full of SkyA2007
Mott the Hoople Greatest HitsA1976
Mountain Best of...A1973
Mynd Music Imagine ThisA1994
I? - a Concept of RealityA1995
New Order SubstanceA1987
NFD No Love LostA2004
The Nice Ars Longa Vita BrevisA1992
Nilsson Without You - His Greatest HitsA1994
No-Man FlowermouthA1994
Hazel O'Connor Breaking GlassA1980
Cover PlusA1984
To Be FreedA1993
John O'Kane SolidA1991
Mike Oldfield Tubular BellsA1973
Tubular Bells IIA1992
Let There Be LightS1995
The Songs of Distant EarthA1995
Terry Oldfield Spiral WavesS1992
Open Mind Spritual LoversA1992
The Orb U F OrbA1992
Orbital Satan Live (3)S1996
Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark The Best of OMDA1988
Joan Osborne RelishA1995
St TeresaS1996
Early RecordingsA1996
Righteous LoveA2000
How Sweet It IsA2002
Out of the Tree GhostsA1999
Ozric Tentacles ErplandA1990
Pungent EffluentA1990
Pagans Everybody Hates YouA1994
Panic RoomNew! Visionary PositionA2008
The Paradise Motel Some Deaths Take ForeverA1996
Left Over Life To KillA1997
Flight PathsA1998
Pavement Wowee ZoweeA1995
Pendragon The JewelA1985
The Rest of PendragonA1991
The Masquerade OvertureA1996
New! Christmad! - Pendragon Christmas ShowA2008
Pink Floyd Piper at the Gates of Dawn/A Saucerful of SecretsA1967
Dark Side of the MoonA1973
Wish You Were HereA1975
The WallA1980
A Momentary Lapse of ReasonA1987
The Division BellA1994
Relics (remastered)A1995
Porcupine Tree On the Sunday of Life...A1992
Up The DownstairA1993
Moonloop (EP)A1994
Yellow Hedgerow DreamscapeA1994
Staircase InfinitiesA1995
The Sky Moves SidewaysA1995
Coma DivineA1997
Stupid DreamA1998
In AbsentiaA2002
Portishead DummyA1994
Nic Potter New Europe - Rainbow ColoursA1992
The Pretenders Greatest HitsA2000
The Primitives Best ofA1996
Procol Harum The Best Of...A1989
ProgAID All Around the WorldS2005
PTS NightlinesA1991
Pulp His 'n' HersA1994
Common PeopleS1995
Different ClassA1995
Help the AgedS1997
This is HardcoreA1998
Purple Sticky Punch Too Fine LineS2001
Quarkspace QuarkspaceA1996
Live OrionA1998
Queen A Night at the OperaA1974
Greatest Hits I & IIA1994
Rachel & Common Ground Head2Head and FabulousA2002
Rachels HandwritingA1995
The Sea and the BellsA1996
Rachel's Birthday An invitation to...A1996
Radiohead Pablo HoneyA1993
The bendsA1995
OK ComputerA1997
Chris Rea The Road To HellA1989
The Reasoning AwakeningA2007
New! Dark Angel (Limited Edition)A2008
Lou Reed TransformerA1972
REM Out Of TimeA1991
Automatic For the PeopleA1992
New Adventures in Hi-FiA1996
Renaissance Ashes Are BurningA1973
Scheherazade and other storiesA1975
Innocents & IllusionsA2004
Renaissance Illusion Through the FireA2001
RiverSeaNew! The Demo epA2008
Rolling Stones Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass) (remastered)A1986
Mick Ronson Heaven and HullA1994
Rush A Farewell To KingsA1977
Moving PicturesA1981
Rusted Root When I WokeA1994
Sacred Spirit Chants and Dances of the Native AmericansA1994
Kevin Salem GlimmerA1996
Santana AbraxasA1970
Savatage From the Gutter to the Stage - the Best of Savatage 1981 - 1995A1996
Leo Sayer All the BestA1993
The Seahorses Love Me and Leave MeS1997
Season's End The Failing LightA2005
The Shadows The EssentialA1977
Maureen Anderson's Shapeshifter Maureen Anderson's ShapeshifterA2000
Nigel Shaw Requiem - Well of SoulsA1999
Jane Siberry When I Was a BoyA1993
Sigur Ros Ágælis byrjunA2000
Simon & Garfunkel The definitive...A1991
Sinkadus Aurum NostrumA1997
Siouxsie & the Banshees Once Upon a Time - the SinglesA1981
Sisters of Mercy Some Girls Wander By MistakeA1992
A Slight Case of Overbombing - Greatest Hits Volume OneA1993
Skid Row Skid RowA1989
Skunk Anansie StooshA1996
Sky The Best of...A1994
The Skys Postmodern GameA2004
Slade Feel the Noize - Slade Greatest HitsA1997
Judge Smith Dome of DiscoveryA1995
Patti Smith Group EasterA1978
Smokie The CollectionA1992
Sonic Youth Daydream NationA1988
Soul Asylum Grave Dancers UnionA1992
Space Art OnyxA1976
Trip in the Centre HeadA1977
Speedy Anytime Anyplace Nowhere (promo)S1996
Boy WonderS1996
Spirit The CollectionA1991
Spiritualized Laser Guided MelodiesA1992
Pure PhaseA1995
Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In SpaceA1997
Spiritual Vitamins ChakrasA2001
Spock's Beard Beware of DarknessA1996
Stairway & Stern Medicine DanceA1992
Stealers Wheel Ferguslie ParkA1973
The Best ofA1995
Stealing the Fire Hot Ice and Wondrous Strange SnowA1999
Stereolab Emperor Tomato KetchupA1990
Cat Stevens Greatest HitsA1975
Al Stewart OrangeA1972
Modern Times (remastered)A1975
Stoned Dog Stoned DogA1998
Strangefish Full ScaleA2003
The Stranglers Singles (the UA years)A1989
Sandy Denny and the Strawbs Sandy Denny and the StrawbsA1968
Strawbs Preserves UncannedA1968
Strawberry Music Sampler No 1A1969
Just a collection of Antiques and CuriosA1970
From the Witchwood (remastered)A1971
Grave New World (remastered)A1972
Bursting at the Seams (remastered)A1973
Hero & Heroine (remastered)A1973
Ghosts (remastered)A1974
New! Nomadness (remastered)A1975
Deep Cuts/Burning For YouA1977
Ringing Down the Years/Don't Say GoodbyeA1991
A Choice Selection ofA1992
In ConcertA1995
Halcyon DaysA1997
Concert Classics - Volume 6A1999
The Complete Strawbs - Live at Chiswicl HouseA2000
Classic Rock Legends Number OneA2001
Blue AngelA2003
Déjà FouA2004
On a Night Like ThisS2005
Live at NEARfest 2004A2005
Heartbreak Hill (Platinum edition)A2006
A Taste of StrawbsA2006
New! Live at the Calderone, New York '75A2007
New! The Broken Hearted BrideA2008
New! Lay Down with the StrawbsA2008
New! Dancing to the Devil's BeatA2009
Acoustic Strawbs Baroque & RollA2001
Alice's SongS2002
Full BloomA2004
Painted SkyA2005
Strobe See Beyond the SunA1991
The Circle Never EndsA1994
Suede SuedeA1993
Dog Man StarA1994
Coming UpA1996
Head MusicA1999
Super Furry Animals RadiatorA1997
Superstar 18 CaratA1997
LP samplerS1997
Palm TreeA1998
I Love LoveS2000
Survivor Greatest HitsA1990
Sweet Ballroom Hitz - the very best ofA1996
Sylvan x-rayedA2004
Posthumous SilenceA2006
System 7 Limited AdditionA1994
Talk Talk Spirit of EdenA1988
Tandy To a FriendA2004
Tangerine Dream The Best ofA1989
The Tea Monkeys Just Not CricketS2004
Live in Zero FiveA2005
Hanging Baskets of BabylonA2006
10cc Greatest HitsA1979
Thievery Corporation Sounds From the Thievery Hi-FiA1996
Phil Thornton InitiationA1990
Phil Thornton & Steven Cragg Tibetan HornA1993
Threshold PsychedelicatessenA1994
Tindersticks Travelling LightS1995
Tortoise Millions Now Living Will Never DieA1996
Touchstone Mad HattersS2006
Transglobal Underground International TimesA1994
Travis U16 Girls (promo CD)S1997
All I Want To Do Is RockS1997
Treebeard Heavy WoodA2002
T Rex Greatest Hits 1972-1977A1994
Tr3nityNew! The Cold Light of DarknessA2001
New! Precious SecondsA2004
Tina Turner Simply the BestA1991
Bonnie Tyler The BestA1993
U2 Achtung BabyA1991
Ünder LindenNew! Ünder LindenA2007
Usherhouse MoltingA1996
Van der Graaf The Quiet Zone/The Pleasure DomeA1977
Vital (live)A1978
Van der Graaf Generator The Aerosol Grey MachineA1969
The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each OtherA1970
He to He, Who am the Only OneA1970
Pawn HeartsA1971
Still LifeA1976
World RecordA1976
First GenerationA1986
I Prophesy DisasterA1993
Maida ValeA1994
New! TrisectorA2008
The Velvet Underground & Nico The Velvet Underground & NicoA1967
The Vice Barons Friends in Low PlacesA1995
Oliver Wakeman Heaven's IsleA1999
Purification by SoundsA2003
New! Mother's RuinA2005
Oliver Wakeman with Steve Howe The 3 Ages of MagickA2001
Oliver Wakeman & Rachel The View from HereS2002
Rick Wakeman Journey to the Centre of the EarthA1974
Wakeman & Cousins HummingbirdA2002
Wakeman & Cousins LiveA2005
Waking the Witch Like EverybodyA2003
Wapassou Messe en ré mineurA1976
The Waterboys This is the SeaA1985
The Best of - 81-90A1991
Weaver City LightsS2006
Snowy White and the White Flames No Faith RequiredA1996
White Town >Abort, Retry, Fail?_ - Your WomanS1997
The Who QuadropheniaA1973
Who's Better, Who's BestA1988
The Who with the London Symphony Orchestra TommyA1972
Brian Willoughby Black & WhiteA1998
Fingers CrossedA2004
Damian Wilson SamplerA2002
Wings Band On the RunA1973
Edgar Winter Group They Only Come Out At NightA1972
Wireless In love with the familiarS1998
Roy Wood SinglesA1993
Through the YearsA1996
XII AlfonsoNew! The Lost FrontierA1996
The Yardbirds The Very Best ofA1991
You and INew! ExitA2001
John Young Significance (pre-release version)A2002
The Shape of Things to ComeS2003
John Young Band Live at the Classic Rock Society 2003A2003
Neil Young DecadeA1977
Mirror BallA1995
Various That Loving FeelingA1989
The Greatest Hits of 1967A1990
Psychedelic PsaunaA1991
Born To Be WildA1992
It's Christmas TimeA1992
The Best of & the Rest of Hits of the 70s Vol 2A1992
Back to the 70sA1993
Gothic RockA1993
25 Years of Rock'n'Roll - 1973A1994
Acoustic MoodsA1994
Ambient SensesA1994
In Goth DazeA1994
It's only rock'n'roll... but we like it!A1994
Journey to the EdgeA1994
Really FreeA1994
The Ultimate Gold CollectionA1994
The Ultimate Rock'n'roll CollectionA1994
Top GearA1994
Cooking Vinyl Sampler (Volume 4 1995)A1995
Dreams in the Witch HouseA1995
Go On GirlA1995
Gothic Rock 2A1995
Kinesis Progressive Sampler oneA1995
Love DreamsA1995
Mind Games (The Sunday Times Music Collection)A1995
Pick & MixA1995
Second Cyclops SamplerA1995
Soft RockA1995
Teenage KicksA1995
The Age of Enlightenment Prog Rock Volume OneA1995
The No 1 70s Rock AlbumA1995
70s BlockbustersA1996
Amberdelic SpaceA1996
And the Heavens CriedA1996
Brutal Bunch 3 (promo CD)A1996
Chill Factor 5A1996
Frontiers promo CD Volume 6A1996
New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel ChildrenA1996
Q Decade - The Very Best of 1986-1996A1996
Seventies BlockbustersA1996
Succour - the Terrascope Benefit AlbumA1996
Third Cyclops SamplerA1996
Frontiers promo CD Volume 7A1996
Angylion Hardd: Adennydd Mawr (Angels with Big Wings) (promo CD)A1997
Continental Drifts vol 1A1997
Frontiers promo CD Volume 8A1997
Spirit of the AgeA1997
Swedish Progressive SamplerA1997
The Gothic Sounds of Nightbreed 2A1997
The Unholy Bible - Cacophonous SamplerA1997
Classic Cuts No 1A1998
Classic Cuts No 2A1998
The Fox Lies Down - A Tribute to GenesisA1998
Classic Cuts No 3A1999
Cyclops Sampler 4A2000
Global Warming Records Promotional SamplerA2000
The Best of Progressive RockA2000
It's a Cool, Cool ChristmasA2000
Uncut - 18-track Guide to the Month's Best Music, March 2001A2001
Cyclops Sampler 5A2002
Huntingdon Folk 3A2002
The CRS Acoustic SessionsA2003
The Greatest 70s AlbumA2004
Kinections - the Progday Support CDA2005
Cyclops Sampler 6A2006
The Witchwood ProjectA2006

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