CD singles and compilation tracks

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last updated 20 February 2010

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Please help me maintain the hyperlinks on this page as my time is, unfortunately, limited. If you can fill in some of the missing links, find one that's broken, or know about a more appropriate site for the band in question, please mail me, giving the correct URL(s) if possible. I will then update my database and the link will be corrected next time I recreate this page.

This page contains a listing of my CD singles together with all tracks from 'Various artists' compilations. Please note, this does not include tracks from artist albums even if also released as singles. The compilations that contain the tracks marked 'C' can be found in my CD collection listing

Artist Title C/S Year Single or Compilation Title
The Aardvarks Time To FlyC1995Pick & Mix
Abarax Journey's End/The Autumn StormC2006Cyclops Sampler 6
Abbfinoosty When the Sun Explodes (alternate version)C1996Third Cyclops Sampler
ABC When Smokey SingsC1987Q Decade - The Very Best of 1986-1996
Abdoujaparov Maria's UmbrellaS1999Maria's Umbrella
Josh Abrahams MarakeshC1996Amberdelic Space
Abyssos As the Sky Turns Black AgainC1997The Unholy Bible - Cacophonous Sampler
Ace Cannon The Long and Winding RoadC1995Love Dreams
Alice in Chains Down in a HoleC1996Brutal Bunch 3 (promo CD)
Alice's Orb Don't Know If I ShouldC1991Psychedelic Psauna
Alien Mutation AlqaC1994Ambient Senses
Alien Mutation vs Indigo Egg Sea of TranquilityC1996Amberdelic Space
Alien Sex Fiend Now I'm Feeling Zombified (extended version)C1993Gothic Rock
I Walk the LineC1994In Goth Daze
Can't Stop SmokingC1994In Goth Daze
Comatose (Full On Industrial Bongos From Hell Mix)C1995Gothic Rock 2
Daevid Allen & Solid Space Visions of AngelsC1998The Fox Lies Down - A Tribute to Genesis
The Allman Brothers Band JessicaC1973Top Gear
Amanda's Waiting Sub RosaC1995Go On Girl
Pretty Good for a GirlC1995Go On Girl
SparrowC1995Go On Girl
Amen Corner Gin House BluesC1967The Greatest Hits of 1967
Amor, Bellhorn, Burns & Convertino La Valse Des 24 HeuresC2001Uncut - 18-track Guide to the Month's Best Music, March 2001
Ancient Ceremony Shadows of the UndeadC1997The Unholy Bible - Cacophonous Sampler
Harvey Andrews Spinning ConcertinasC2002Huntingdon Folk 3
Rob Andrews Sunlight on LeavesC2000Cyclops Sampler 4
Lake Vinuela 2C2002Cyclops Sampler 5
Rob Andrews and Ra Last FarewellsC2006Cyclops Sampler 6
Anekdoten Book of Hours (live)C1996Third Cyclops Sampler
NucleusC1997Swedish Progressive Sampler
Angel Tech AndromedaS1999Constellation Songs
The Animals House of the Rising SunC1964That Loving Feeling
Sky PilotC1968And the Heavens Cried
Anomaly EnsnaredC1996Frontiers promo CD Volume 7
Another Fine Day Scarborough FairC1996Whirl-Y-Gigs
Another Green World Dub For Joy/Iza WiggleC1996Whirl-Y-Gigs
Global HorizonC1996Amberdelic Space
Aphex Twin AgeispolisC1991Ambient Senses
Fiona Apple Sleep to Dream (Radio Edit)S1997Sleep to Dream
A Quet Revolution Hell is a Closed DoorC2001Uncut - 18-track Guide to the Month's Best Music, March 2001
Arab Strap SceneryC2001Uncut - 18-track Guide to the Month's Best Music, March 2001
Tasmin Archer After HellC1996Mmmmm...
Architectural Metaphor The Waiting RoomC1998The Fox Lies Down - A Tribute to Genesis
Arena Out of the WildernessS1995Songs From the Lion's Cage
Welcome to the CageC1996Frontiers promo CD Volume 6
A Crack in the IceC1997Classic Cuts No 2
Argent Hold Your Head UpC1971Progression
God Gave Rock'n'Roll To YouC197325 Years of Rock'n'Roll - 1973
God Gave Rock and Roll To YouC1973The No 1 70s Rock Album
Hold Your Head UpC2000The Best of Progressive Rock
Joan Armatrading Love and AffectionC1994It's only rock'n'roll... but we like it!
P P Arnold The First Cut Is the DeepestC1967That Loving Feeling
The Arrows Touch Too MuchC2004The Greatest 70s Album
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown FireC1968Progression
Artica SarajevoC1995Gothic Rock 2
Take Me all the WayC1996Frontiers promo CD Volume 6
Ashtar In Lament Cries the NightS2004Soaring
As One What Might Have BeenC1996Amberdelic Space
Astralasia Sul-E-Stomp - Astrawhirl radio editS1992Sul-E-Stomp
Rhythm of the After LifeS1996High Planes Drifter
To a Better Place (Monkey Pilot mix)C1996Whirl-Y-Gigs
Strange Celestial DreamC1996Amberdelic Space
Ataraxia CanzonaC1995Gothic Rock 2
Athamay DominationC1996New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel Children
Eternal TortureC1997The Gothic Sounds of Nightbreed 2
Natacha Atlas Amulet (Edit)S1997Amulet
Atom Bomb Yoga HubbleS1997Hubble
Atomic Rooster Devil's AnswerC1971Progression
Tomorrow NightC1971Journey to the Edge
Devil's AnswerC1990Spirit of the Age
Stand By MeC2000The Best of Progressive Rock
Attrition Demi God (remix)C1997The Gothic Sounds of Nightbreed 2
Aura Starseed (Parachute mix)C1996Whirl-Y-Gigs
The Average White Band Pick Up the PiecesC1974The Ultimate Gold Collection
Azukx Lift (original Whirl-Y-Mix)C1996Whirl-Y-Gigs
Babylon Zoo I'm Cracking Up I Need a PillC1996Mmmmm...
Baccara Yes Sir, I Can BoogieC197770s Blockbusters
Bachman Turner Overdrive You Ain't Seen Nothing YetC1974Born To Be Wild
Backyard Babies Made Me MadmanC1997Classic Cuts No 2
Bad Company Feel Like Makin' LoveC1975The Ultimate Gold Collection
Baghdaddies Underground ChaseC1997Continental Drifts vol 1
Roy Bailey Song of the LeadersC2002Huntingdon Folk 3
Baka Beyond Nahwia (Nah Nah mix)C1996Whirl-Y-Gigs
Long John Baldry Let the Heartaches BeginC1967The Greatest Hits of 1967
Bal-Sagoth WitchstormC1997The Unholy Bible - Cacophonous Sampler
The Splendour of a Thousand Swords Gleaming Beneath the Blazon of the Hyperborean EmpireC1997The Unholy Bible - Cacophonous Sampler
Banco de Gaia Amber (original Whirl-Y-Mix)C1996Whirl-Y-Gigs
Band Aid Do They Know It's Christmas?C1984It's Christmas Time
Pato Banton Baby Come BackS1994Baby Come Back
Barclay James Harvest Child of the UniverseC1974Journey to the Edge
MockingbirdC1982Spirit of the Age
Sitting Upon a ShelfC1999Classic Cuts No 3
Bardo Pond AffaC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
Barefoot Contessa TreasureC2000Global Warming Records Promotional Sampler
SuperanythingC2000Global Warming Records Promotional Sampler
The Barely Works Liberty/Blackberry Blossom/The Cookoo's NestC1995Cooking Vinyl Sampler (Volume 4 1995)
Bauhaus Dark EntriesC1980Gothic Rock
BoysC1994In Goth Daze
Kick in the EyeC1995Gothic Rock 2
Bay City Rollers Bye Bye BabyC197470s Blockbusters
B Bumble & the Stingers Nut RockerC1962The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
The Beach Boys Little Saint NickC1964It's Christmas Time
Heroes and VillainsC1967The Greatest Hits of 1967
The Beautiful South Song for whoeverC1989Q Decade - The Very Best of 1986-1996
Be Bop Deluxe Ships in the NightC1976The No 1 70s Rock Album
Johan Becker Out of ControlC1996Frontiers promo CD Volume 7
Jeff Beck Hi Ho Silver LiningC1967The Greatest Hits of 1967
The Bee Gees Massachusetts (The Lights Went Out In)C1967The Greatest Hits of 1967
New York Mining Disaster 1941C1967The Greatest Hits of 1967
Phil Beer & Deb Sandland White TribesC2002Huntingdon Folk 3
Bellatrix IkarusC2000Global Warming Records Promotional Sampler
Great ExpectationsC2000Global Warming Records Promotional Sampler
Belle and Sebastian O Come, O Come EmmanuelC2000It's a Cool, Cool Christmas
Bender Breaking the LawC1997Continental Drifts vol 1
Brook Benton So Many WaysC1995Love Dreams
Chuck Berry Johnny B GoodeC1958The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
CarolC1958The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
Robert Berry Dirty WorldC1995Second Cyclops Sampler
The Bevis Frond Cold Rain & SnowC1991Psychedelic Psauna
Dry RainC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
The B-52s Love ShackC1994It's only rock'n'roll... but we like it!
Bhang II Rites Dreadlocks from GuicciC1997Continental Drifts vol 1
The Big Bopper Chantilly LaceC1958The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
Big Boss Man Christmas BoogalooC2000It's a Cool, Cool Christmas
Big Electric Cat Paris SkyesC1995Gothic Rock 2
Big Nothing War GamesC1996Frontiers promo CD Volume 6
Tommy Binks EskillatorC2003The CRS Acoustic Sessions
JanetC2003The CRS Acoustic Sessions
The Black Crowes Kickin' My Heart AroundC1999Classic Cuts No 3
Black Dog Cost IIC1996Amberdelic Space
Blackfoot Ratllesnake Rock'n'rollerC1983Classic Cuts No 1
Blackfoot Sue Standing in the RoadC1972Progression
Black Sabbath ParanoidC1970Born To Be Wild
Black Widow Come to the SabbatC2000The Best of Progressive Rock
Blade Slow HorseC1996Frontiers promo CD Volume 7
Blodwyn Pig See My WayC1970The Age of Enlightenment Prog Rock Volume One
Blondie Heart of GlassC1978Back to the 70s
Hanging On The TelephoneC1978Teenage Kicks
Call MeC1980Top Gear
Hanging On The TelephoneC2004The Greatest 70s Album
The Blood Divine AureoleC1996Brutal Bunch 3 (promo CD)
Blood Simple Rainbow HeadC1995Dreams in the Witch House
Bloodstorm DestroyerC1997The Unholy Bible - Cacophonous Sampler
Barry Blue Dancing on a Saturday NightC1992The Best of & the Rest of Hits of the 70s Vol 2
Do You Wanna Dance?C2004The Greatest 70s Album
Bluehorses Molly BondC2002Huntingdon Folk 3
Blue Mink RandyC1992The Best of & the Rest of Hits of the 70s Vol 2
Blue Öyster Cult (Don't Fear) The ReaperC1976Born To Be Wild
Don't Fear the ReaperC1994It's only rock'n'roll... but we like it!
Colin Blunstone What Becomes of the Broken HeartedC1991Soft Rock
Bob and Marcia Pied PiperC1992The Best of & the Rest of Hits of the 70s Vol 2
Bolshoi A WayC1995Gothic Rock 2
Bone Orchard Kicking Up the SawdustC1994In Goth Daze
Boney M Rivers of BabylonC1978Back to the 70s
The Boomtown Rats She's So ModernC1978Teenage Kicks
I Don't Like MondaysC1979Back to the 70s
The Clint Boon Experience New Improved Boscombe Blend (radio edit)S1999White No Sugar (This is Definitely a New Revolution!)
Boris & His Bolshie Balalaika Purple HazeC1995Pick & Mix
Boston More Than A FeelingC1976Top Gear
Bourgeois Tagg I Don't Mind At AllC1987Acoustic Moods
Bow Wow Wow Go Wild In the CountryC1982Teenage Kicks
Billy Bragg Ontario, Quebec and MeC1995Cooking Vinyl Sampler (Volume 4 1995)
Brand New Heavies Dream On DreamerC1994Really Free
Brand X Can Utility and the CoastlinersC1998The Fox Lies Down - A Tribute to Genesis
Bread The Guitar ManC1972The Ultimate Gold Collection
Broken Sky HomeC1995Go On Girl
Never TomorrowC1995Go On Girl
TonightC1995Go On Girl
Elkie Brooks No More The FoolC1986Soft Rock
We've Got TonightC1986Soft Rock
Duncan Browne JourneyC1972Acoustic Moods
Sam Brown BoxS1997Promo CD - 'Box' + 'I Forgive You'
In the Light of All That's Gone Before (radio edit)S2000In the Light of All That's Gone Before
Savoy Brown Mone Can't Save Your SoulC1970And the Heavens Cried
Peter Buck & Scott McCaughey Hate Me MoreC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
Grant Lee Buffalo Lady Godiva and MeC1994Really Free
The Buggles Clean CleanC1980Teenage Kicks
Eric Burdon San Franciscan NightsC1967The Greatest Hits of 1967
Kate Bush Wuthering HeightsC1977Back to the 70s
December Will Be Magic AgainC1980It's Christmas Time
Jerry Butler Moon RiverC1995Love Dreams
The Buzzcocks Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)C1978Teenage Kicks
The Byrds Mr Tambourine ManC1965The Ultimate Gold Collection
Chestnut MareC1973Acoustic Moods
Calexico Gift X-changeC2000It's a Cool, Cool Christmas
Camel FreefallC1974Journey to the Edge
BreathlessC1978And the Heavens Cried
The Miv Cameron Band I Love YouC2003The CRS Acoustic Sessions
KieranC2003The CRS Acoustic Sessions
The Empty SeatC2003The CRS Acoustic Sessions
Can Oh YeahC1971Spirit of the Age
Canned Heat Let's Work TogetherC1970The No 1 70s Rock Album
Jim Capaldi Love HurtsC1975The Ultimate Gold Collection
Caravan Place of My OwnC1968And the Heavens Cried
Surprise, SurpriseC1973Journey to the Edge
Eric Carmen All By MyselfC1976The Ultimate Gold Collection
David Caron A Quiet PassingC1996Amberdelic Space
The Carpenters Goodbyte to LoveC1972Back to the 70s
The Cars My Best Friend's GirlC1978Teenage Kicks
Clarence Carter Too Weak to FightC1995Love Dreams
Mel Carter Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss MeC1995Love Dreams
Martin Carthy & Norma Waterson The Flowers of KnaresboroughC2002Huntingdon Folk 3
Neal Casal Best to BelieveC1997Classic Cuts No 2
Castanarc PeyoteC1995Kinesis Progressive Sampler one
Cast (UK) FinetimeC1995Q Decade - The Very Best of 1986-1996
Catatonia I Am the MobS1997I Am the Mob
Mulder and ScullyS1998Mulder and Scully
Cathedral PinocchioC1995Kinesis Progressive Sampler one
Caustic Window Joyrex 19 iiC1993Ambient Senses
CCS Whole Lotta LoveC1970The No 1 70s Rock Album
Cecil Spirit LevelC1996Mmmmm...
Centuras TokyoC1996Amberdelic Space
Champs TequilaC1958The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
Change of Heart Don't Walk AwayC1997Classic Cuts No 2
Charalambides DropC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
Cheap Trick I Want You To Want Me (live version)C1977Top Gear
I Want You To Want MeC1977Teenage Kicks
Neneh Cherry WomanS1996Woman
Chicken Shack Time Goes ByC1973And the Heavens Cried
Children of Dub Waves of DubC1996Amberdelic Space
Children On Stun Celebration (original mix)C1995Dreams in the Witch House
SidelinedC1995Gothic Rock 2
Cholane Heart of StoneC1997Frontiers promo CD Volume 8
Chris & Carla Swinger 500C2000Global Warming Records Promotional Sampler
Black Rope TiedC2000Global Warming Records Promotional Sampler
Christian Death This is Heresy (edit)C1988Gothic Rock
The Divine EnigmaC1995Gothic Rock 2
C I T A Heat of EmotionC1996Frontiers promo CD Volume 6
Citizen Cain Liquid KingsC2000Cyclops Sampler 4
Climax Blues Band Couldn't Get It RightC1976The No 1 70s Rock Album
Eddie Cochran Somethin' ElseC1959The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
Blue Suede ShoesC1962The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
Cockbrains Everything You WantC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
Cockerel Chorus Nice One CyrilC1992The Best of & the Rest of Hits of the 70s Vol 2
Joe Cocker With a Little Help From My FriendsC1968That Loving Feeling
Cry Me a River (live)C1970And the Heavens Cried
Talking Back to the NightC1982Top Gear
Cockney Rebel Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)C1975Back to the 70s
Judy TeenC2004The Greatest 70s Album
Marc Cohn Walking In MemphisC1991Top Gear
Silver ThunderbirdC1994It's only rock'n'roll... but we like it!
Coil Lost Rivers of LondonC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
Nat King Cole The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You)C1963It's Christmas Time
Dave & Ansell Collins Monkey SpannerC1992The Best of & the Rest of Hits of the 70s Vol 2
The Colored Plank Black Ferris WheelC1991Psychedelic Psauna
Colorvine Vein in VainC1996Frontiers promo CD Volume 7
Colosseum Those About To DieC1969And the Heavens Cried
Walking in the ParkC2000The Best of Progressive Rock
Company of Wolves NorthwindC1996Frontiers promo CD Volume 7
Emma Conquest The CageC1996New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel Children
Controlled Bleeding Broadway Melody of 1974C1998The Fox Lies Down - A Tribute to Genesis
Corduroy MiniC1994Chill Factor 5
Corpus Delicti Saraband (edit)C1995Gothic Rock 2
BrokenC1997The Gothic Sounds of Nightbreed 2
Corrosion of Conformity King of the RottenC1996Brutal Bunch 3 (promo CD)
Cortex Cumulus/NimbusC1996Whirl-Y-Gigs
Elvis Costello Watching the DetectivesC2004The Greatest 70s Album
Elvis Costello & the Attractions Pump It UpC1978Teenage Kicks
Oliver's ArmyC1979Back to the 70s
Count Five Psychotic ReactionC1995Mind Games (The Sunday Times Music Collection)
Counting Crows Round HereC1993Really Free
Cousins & Conrad The Call to ActionC2005The Witchwood Project
Cousteau Of This GoodbyeC2000Global Warming Records Promotional Sampler
You My Lunar QueenC2000Global Warming Records Promotional Sampler
Cozette The Cure (demo version)C2000Global Warming Records Promotional Sampler
Voodoo Cry (liaisons dangereuse remix)C2000Global Warming Records Promotional Sampler
Billy 'Crash' Craddock Ah Poor Little BabyC1958The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
Craft LeoC1995Kinesis Progressive Sampler one
Cranberries LingerS1993Linger
Daffodil LamentC1994Really Free
LingerC1994It's only rock'n'roll... but we like it!
Crash Test Dummies Afternoons & Coffee SpoonsC1994Really Free
Cream Strange BrewC1967The Greatest Hits of 1967
Tales of Brave UllysesC1967And the Heavens Cried
Creaming Jesus ReptileC1992Gothic Rock
Celebrity Cannibalism (edit)C1995Gothic Rock 2
Credo The LetterC1995Second Cyclops Sampler
Cries of Tammuz Rosicrucian RitualC1995Dreams in the Witch House
Jim Croce Operator (That's Not the Way It Feels)C1972Soft Rock
Time in a BottleC1973Acoustic Moods
Bing Crosby White ChristmasC1958It's Christmas Time
Cross Heavenly (alternate version)C1996Third Cyclops Sampler
Crowded House Private UniverseC1996Mmmmm...
Sheryl Crow If It Makes You HappyS1996If It Makes You Happy
Crystal Maze On the Way Back HomeC1997Frontiers promo CD Volume 8
Cul de sac Into the Cone of GoldC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
Current 93 NihilC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
Curved Air Back Street LuvC1971Progression
Jennifer Cutting's Ocean Orchestra Call of the SirenC2004The Witchwood Project
Dalbello EasyC1996Frontiers promo CD Volume 7
The Dandy Warhols Little Drummer BoyC2000It's a Cool, Cool Christmas
D'Angelo Cruisin'C1996Mmmmm...
Danny & the Juniors At the HopC1957The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
Danse Society We're So HappyC1993Gothic Rock
Dany Beneath a Thousand StarsS2006Beneath a Thousand Stars
Dark Ocean Ease My MindC2005The Witchwood Project
Dark Side Cowboys Magia NeraC1996New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel Children
Darxtar Dancing with the Moonlit KnightC1998The Fox Lies Down - A Tribute to Genesis
Datblygu AmnesiaC1997Angylion Hardd: Adennydd Mawr (Angels with Big Wings) (promo CD)
Dave Dee, Dozey, Beaky, Mick & Tich ZabadakC1967The Greatest Hits of 1967
Spencer Davis Time SellerC1994And the Heavens Cried
Spencer Davis Group Keep On RunningC1965The Ultimate Gold Collection
Dawn Knock Three TimesC197070s Blockbusters
Dawn of Oblivion Into the DungeonC1996New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel Children
Bobby Day Rockin' RobinC1958The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
Dead Flowers Warmth Within (Chemical Binoculars)C1995Pick & Mix
Dead Like Harry FirefliesC2005The Witchwood Project
Chris de Burgh A Spaceman Came TravellingC1975It's Christmas Time
Kiki Dee AmoreuseC197325 Years of Rock'n'Roll - 1973
Deep Purple ShieldC1969The Age of Enlightenment Prog Rock Volume One
Strange Kind of WomanC1971Progression
Smoke on the Water (live)C1999Classic Cuts No 3
Deep Space Network Eleven BarsC1996Amberdelic Space
Delfonics Ready Or Not Here I Come (Can't Hide From Love)C1971Seventies Blockbusters
Department S Is Vic There?C1980Teenage Kicks
Departure Lounge Christmas DownerC2000It's a Cool, Cool Christmas
Lynsey de Paul My Man and MeC1992The Best of & the Rest of Hits of the 70s Vol 2
Derek & the Dominoes Layla (short version)C1970The No 1 70s Rock Album
The Detroit Spinners Could It Be I'm Falling In LoveC197325 Years of Rock'n'Roll - 1973
Mink Deville Spanish StrollC1977Teenage Kicks
Dfuse LibraC1996Amberdelic Space
Diamonds Little Darlin'C1957The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
Die Laughing HarlequinC1995Dreams in the Witch House
Safe Little WorldC1995Gothic Rock 2
Dimentia 13 Do The Jerk OffC1991Psychedelic Psauna
Dion Runaround SueC1961The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
Ronnie James Dio & friends Welcome To My NightmareC1999Classic Cuts No 3
Dire Straits Sultans of SwingC1978The No 1 70s Rock Album
Walk of LifeC1986Q Decade - The Very Best of 1986-1996
Discipline Canto IV (Limbo) (live)C2006Cyclops Sampler 6
Divided Multitude Scream in SilenceC1996Frontiers promo CD Volume 7
The Dixie Cups Chapel of LoveC1995Love Dreams
Djam Karet PentimentoC2004Kinections - the Progday Support CD
Dodgy Good EnoughC1996Q Decade - The Very Best of 1986-1996
Dominator X Psycho SisterC1993Gothic Rock
Fats Domino I'm Walkin'C1957The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
Donovan Catch the WindC1965That Loving Feeling
Mellow YellowC1967The Greatest Hits of 1967
The Doobie Brothers Long Train Runnin'C1973Top Gear
What a Fool BelievesC1978The No 1 70s Rock Album
Gina Dootson Wrapped (Please Be Mine)C2003The CRS Acoustic Sessions
CrippledC2003The CRS Acoustic Sessions
SlideC2003The CRS Acoustic Sessions
Double Eclipse Can You Tell Me?C1996Frontiers promo CD Volume 6
Dr Feelgood RoxetteC1975Teenage Kicks
Milk and AlcoholC1978The No 1 70s Rock Album
Nick Drake Time Has Told MeC1970And the Heavens Cried
Drama A Revelation (alternative)C2006Cyclops Sampler 6
The Dream Unlimited Co Up In Dub HeavenC1996Amberdelic Space
Drifters Like Sister and BrotherC1973Seventies Blockbusters
The Drifters CupidC1995Love Dreams
Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger Season of the WitchC1967And the Heavens Cried
Dr Strangely Strange Strangely Strange, but Oddly NormalC1970And the Heavens Cried
Drugstore NectarineS1995Nectarine
Solitary Party GrooverS1995Solitary Party Groover
Solitary Party Groover (acoustic version)S1995Solitary Party Groover (Acoustic version)
Mondo CaneS1996Mondo Cane
El PresidentS1998El President (Blue CD)
SoberS1998Sober (1)
Say HelloS1998Say Hello
Song for the LonelyS2000Song for the Lonely
I Wanna Love You Like a ManS2000I Wanna Love You Like a Man (Promo CD)
DryC2000Global Warming Records Promotional Sampler
Navegando (demo version)C2000Global Warming Records Promotional Sampler
Maybe at Christmas TimeC2000It's a Cool, Cool Christmas
Baby Don't Hurt YourselfS2001Baby Don't Hurt Yourself
NavegandoC2001Uncut - 18-track Guide to the Month's Best Music, March 2001
Drum Club The IlluminatedC1996Amberdelic Space
John Drummer Blues Band Travelling ManC1968And the Heavens Cried
Dubmerge Sneaky StepC1997Continental Drifts vol 1
Dubstar StarsC1995Mmmmm...
Dub War Million Dollar loveC1996Brutal Bunch 3 (promo CD)
Dunlavy WesleyanC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
The Duprees My Own True LoveC1995Love Dreams
Simon Dupree & the Big Sound KitesC1967The Greatest Hits of 1967
Ian Dury & the Blockheads Hit Me With Your Rhythm StickC1978Back to the 70s
What a WasteC1978Teenage Kicks
Earthstone In the Winter of NightC1995Kinesis Progressive Sampler one
East of Eden Jig a JigC1970Progression
Ectogram Eliot's Violet Hour (radio edit)S1997Eliot's Violet Hour
This is How It IsC1997Angylion Hardd: Adennydd Mawr (Angels with Big Wings) (promo CD)
Eddie & the Hotrods Do Anything You Wanna DoC1977Top Gear
Duane Eddy Rebel RouserC1963The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
Edison Lighthouse Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)C2004The Greatest 70s Album
Rupie Edwards Ire Feelings (Skanga)C1975The Best of & the Rest of Hits of the 70s Vol 2
Eels Everything's Gonna Be Cool This ChristmasC2000It's a Cool, Cool Christmas
Electric Light Orchestra ShowdownC197325 Years of Rock'n'Roll - 1973
Roll Over BeethovenC2004The Greatest 70s Album
Electric Orange NindiaC1995Pick & Mix
El Vez Feliz Navi-NadaC2000It's a Cool, Cool Christmas
Emerald Rain Broken SavioursC1997Classic Cuts No 2
Emerson Lake & Palmer JerusalemC1973Journey to the Edge
Brain Salad SurgeryC1977Spirit of the Age
Gert Emmens The Warlock ReturnsC2005Kinections - the Progday Support CD
ENDG Miranda ('97)C1997The Gothic Sounds of Nightbreed 2
InsanityC1997The Gothic Sounds of Nightbreed 2
Endino's Earthworm Fried, Baked or ScrambledC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
Scott English BrandyC1992The Best of & the Rest of Hits of the 70s Vol 2
Enuff Z Nuff WheelsC1997Frontiers promo CD Volume 8
Epilogue PleaseC1995Second Cyclops Sampler
Eruption I Can't Stand the RainC1978Seventies Blockbusters
The Essence Through the Years (club mix)C1996New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel Children
Essex Someday, SomewayC1997Frontiers promo CD Volume 8
David Essex LamplightC197325 Years of Rock'n'Roll - 1973
Ethereal Counterbalance Let It FlyC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
Eurythmics When Tomorrow ComesC1986Top Gear
Thorn In My SideC1994It's only rock'n'roll... but we like it!
Everclear Heroin GirlC1996Brutal Bunch 3 (promo CD)
Electra Made Me BlindC1996Mmmmm...
The Everly Brothers Wake Up Little SuzieC1957The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
ClaudetteC1961The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
Every New Dead Ghost Not In a LifetimeC1993Gothic Rock
RelicsC1996New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel Children
Eves of the Nightmare Jungle Pressure (radioe edit)C1996New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel Children
Ezra SomewhereC1995Second Cyclops Sampler
The Fabulous Thunderbirds Tuff EnuffC1986Top Gear
The Faces Stay With MeC1971The No 1 70s Rock Album
Fairport Convention Meet on the LedgeC1969And the Heavens Cried
Faithful Dawn VoicesC1996New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel Children
She Falls Down (PWM)C1997The Gothic Sounds of Nightbreed 2
Angel's BreatheC1997The Gothic Sounds of Nightbreed 2
Faith No More I'm EasyC1994It's only rock'n'roll... but we like it!
John Fallon Summers End In San FranciscoC1991Psychedelic Psauna
Family In My Own TimeC1971Progression
BurlesqueC1972Journey to the Edge
The Fantastics Something Old, Something NewC2004The Greatest 70s Album
Don Fardon Indian ReservationC1968Soft Rock
Belfast BoyC1992The Best of & the Rest of Hits of the 70s Vol 2
Chris Farlowe Out of TimeC1966That Loving Feeling
MoaningC1995Mind Games (The Sunday Times Music Collection)
John Farnham You're the VoiceC1986Born To Be Wild
Feast of Fiddles Morris MedlyC2002Huntingdon Folk 3
Charlie Feathers Baby Let's Play HouseC1974The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
Feeder W I TC1996Brutal Bunch 3 (promo CD)
Rachelle Ferrell SistaC2001Uncut - 18-track Guide to the Month's Best Music, March 2001
Lena Fiagbe VisionsC1994It's only rock'n'roll... but we like it!
Fields of the Nephilim Preacher ManC1987Gothic Rock
Trees Come DownC1995Gothic Rock 2
Finneus Gage Press the FleshC2000Cyclops Sampler 4
Fireside KilotinC1996Brutal Bunch 3 (promo CD)
First Class Beach BabyC2004The Greatest 70s Album
Fish Internal ExileC1998Classic Cuts No 2
Flamborough Head Schoolyard FantasyC2000Cyclops Sampler 4
Limestone Rock (alternate version)C2002Cyclops Sampler 5
Mantova (live)C2006Cyclops Sampler 6
Flaming June RejoiceS1999Rejoice
The Flaming Lips White Christmas (demo for Tom Waits)C2000It's a Cool, Cool Christmas
Flamin' Groovies Shake Some ActionC1976Teenage Kicks
Flash & the Pan And the Band Played On (Down Among the Dead Men)C1978The Ultimate Gold Collection
Fleetwood Mac Man of the WorldC1969That Loving Feeling
Rhiannon (Will You Ever Win)C1975Top Gear
RhiannonC1975The No 1 70s Rock Album
Don't StopC1977The Ultimate Gold Collection
Black Magic Woman (live)C1984Soft Rock
The Flower Kings In the Eyes of the WorldC1997Swedish Progressive Sampler
Cinema ShowC1998The Fox Lies Down - A Tribute to Genesis
The Flowerpot Men Let's Go To San FranciscoC1967The Greatest Hits of 1967
Fluffy HypersonicS1995Hypersonic
I Wanna Be Your LushS1997I Wanna Be Your Lush
Flying Saucer Attack Bare TreesC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
The Flyte Reaction New SunriseC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
Focus SylviaC1973The No 1 70s Rock Album
Fonya BluefootC1995Kinesis Progressive Sampler one
Frankie Ford Sea CruiseC1959The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
John Ford Carpet CrawlersC1998The Fox Lies Down - A Tribute to Genesis
All the Songs I Never Heard You SingC2000The Witchwood Project
Foreigner Cold as IceC1994It's only rock'n'roll... but we like it!
The Foundations Baby Now That I've Found YouC1967The Ultimate Gold Collection
Four Brothers RumbidzaiC1995Cooking Vinyl Sampler (Volume 4 1995)
Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons December '63 (Oh What a Night)C1975Back to the 70s
Peter Frampton Show Me the WayC1975Top Gear
YouC1994Top Gear
Frantique Strut Your Funky StuffC2004The Greatest 70s Album
Free I'm a MoverC1968And the Heavens Cried
All Right NowC1970Back to the 70s
My Brother JakeC1970The No 1 70s Rock Album
Fire and WaterC1971Spirit of the Age
Little Bit of LoveC1972Progression
Wishing WellC1972Journey to the Edge
Alright NowC1994It's only rock'n'roll... but we like it!
Marty Friedman Shine on MeC1996Frontiers promo CD Volume 7
Frigid Pink House of the Rising SunC1970And the Heavens Cried
Frozen Tears One More TimeC1996Frontiers promo CD Volume 6
Fruitcake Where I've BeenC1995Second Cyclops Sampler
Lost My WayC1996Third Cyclops Sampler
On the EdgeC2000Cyclops Sampler 4
Funhouse Velvet Kiss (cherry mix)C1996New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel Children
Funkadelic The Electric Spanking of War BabiesC1995Mind Games (The Sunday Times Music Collection)
Fun Lovin' Criminals King of New YorkC1996Mmmmm...
Furyo LegacyC1994In Goth Daze
Future Sound of London Papua New Guinea (Dumb Child of Q mix)C1992Ambient Senses
Papua New GuineaC1992Chill Factor 5
Dead Skin CellsC1994Really Free
Central IndustrialC1996Amberdelic Space
Russ Gabriel AirbourneC1996Amberdelic Space
Galactic Cowboys How Does It FeelC1999Classic Cuts No 3
Galleon The Russian ice princessC1997Swedish Progressive Sampler
Galliano Long Time GoneC1994Really Free
Garden of Delight Spirit Lovers (to mega therion)C1997The Gothic Sounds of Nightbreed 2
Gate 18 Walkin' ContradictionC1995Go On Girl
Nikki's TitsC1995Go On Girl
It Don't MatterC1995Go On Girl
Gloria Gaynor Every Time You Go AwayC1995Love Dreams
Gene We Could Be KingsS1997We Could Be Kings
Gene Loves Jezebel Shaving My NeckC1982Gothic Rock
Generation X King RockerC1981Teenage Kicks
Gentle Giant Moon is DownC1971And the Heavens Cried
Robin George HeartlineC1984Soft Rock
Gerry & the Pacemakers Don't Let the Sun Catch You CryingC1964That Loving Feeling
Ghost Beyond CoimbulaC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
Giant Sand Thank You Dreaded Black Ice, Thank YouC2000It's a Cool, Cool Christmas
The Gift Escalation (alternate)C2006Cyclops Sampler 6
Mickey Gilley I'm the Number One Rock'n'roll C&W Boogie Blues ManC1994The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
Gordon Giltrap On Camber SandsC2002Huntingdon Folk 3
Gitane Demone Incendiary LoverC1993Gothic Rock
The Glitter Band Goodbye My LoveC2004The Greatest 70s Album
Gary Glitter I'm the Leader of the Gang (I Am)C1973Back to the 70s
Another Rock and Roll ChristmasC1984It's Christmas Time
Goats Don't Shave Let It GoC1995Cooking Vinyl Sampler (Volume 4 1995)
Andrew Gold That's Why I Love YouC1975The Ultimate Gold Collection
Never Let Her Slip AwayC1978Back to the 70s
Golden Earring Radar LoveC1973Progression
Gold Tooth Display PlaygroundC1997Frontiers promo CD Volume 8
Gong I Never Glid BeforeC1973The Age of Enlightenment Prog Rock Volume One
Opium for the PeopleC1995Mind Games (The Sunday Times Music Collection)
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci If Fingers Were XylaphonesS1995If Fingers Were Xylophones
Hwiangerdd MairC2000It's a Cool, Cool Christmas
The Gothics The QuestC1991Psychedelic Psauna
Gothic Sex LamentsC1997The Gothic Sounds of Nightbreed 2
Gotterdammerung Rubber Gorilla (edit)C1996New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel Children
Grace The MiracleC1995Second Cyclops Sampler
Grandaddy Alan Parsons in a Winter WonderlandC2000It's a Cool, Cool Christmas
Dorian Gray Like a DogC1996Frontiers promo CD Volume 6
Gavin Gray Hello Or GoodbyeC1991Psychedelic Psauna
Al Green Let's Stay TogetherC1971Back to the 70s
Tired of Being AloneC2004The Greatest 70s Album
The Green Pyjamas Deadly NightshadeC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
Greyhound Black and WhiteC1992The Best of & the Rest of Hits of the 70s Vol 2
Grey Lady Down The Flyer (live)C1995Second Cyclops Sampler
Grief (Society) So WhatC1997Frontiers promo CD Volume 8
The Grim Northern Social Snap (prelude)S2000Snap
The Groundhogs Cherry RedC1971The Age of Enlightenment Prog Rock Volume One
Guardians Office Dark Girl (alternate version)C2002Cyclops Sampler 5
The Gun Race With the DevilC1979Progression
Bill Haley & his Comets (We're Gonna) Rock Around the ClockC1955The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
See You Later AlligatorC1956The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
Hall & Oates When the Morning ComesC1974The Ultimate Gold Collection
Albert Hammond The Free Electric BandC197325 Years of Rock'n'Roll - 1973
Beaumont Hannant Mind ColoursC1996Amberdelic Space
Happy Mondays Step OnC1990Q Decade - The Very Best of 1986-1996
Hawkwind Master of the UniverseC1971The Age of Enlightenment Prog Rock Volume One
Silver MachineC1972Progression
Master of the UniverseC1995Mind Games (The Sunday Times Music Collection)
Motorway CityC2000The Best of Progressive Rock
Justin Hayward & John Lodge Blue GuitarC1975Acoustic Moods
Haze OpheliaC1995Kinesis Progressive Sampler one
For WhomC2000Cyclops Sampler 4
Head Mix Collective Inner Creative StateC1997Continental Drifts vol 1
The Heads Spliff RiffC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
Heavy Jelly I Keep Singing That Same Old SongC1968The Age of Enlightenment Prog Rock Volume One
Jimi Hendrix Voodoo ChileC1995The No 1 70s Rock Album
Henry Fool Pills in the AfternoonC2002Cyclops Sampler 5
Herman's Hermits There's a Kind of HushC1967That Loving Feeling
Robyn Hitchcock She Was Sinister But She Was HappyC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
The Hollies Carrie AnneC1967The Greatest Hits of 1967
Buddy Holly & the Crickets That'll Be the DayC1957The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
Oh BoyC1957The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
Eddie Holman Hey There Lonely GirlC1995Love Dreams
John Holt Help Me Make It Through the NightC1992The Best of & the Rest of Hits of the 70s Vol 2
Dr Hook When You're In Love With a Beautiful WomanC1979Back to the 70s
The Horatii RiposteC1996New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel Children
Hot Chocolate So You Win AgainC1977Back to the 70s
Hot House Flowers Don't GoC1994It's only rock'n'roll... but we like it!
Hot Shots Snoopy vs the Red BaronC1992The Best of & the Rest of Hits of the 70s Vol 2
The House of Usher Morphine V.20C1996New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel Children
However It's Good FunC1995Kinesis Progressive Sampler one
Hudson-Ford Pick Up the PiecesC197325 Years of Rock'n'Roll - 1973
Hues Corporation Rock the BoatC1973The Ultimate Gold Collection
Hugo Walk AwayC1996Frontiers promo CD Volume 6
Human Race Lost in the ShadowsC1997Frontiers promo CD Volume 8
Humble Pie Natural Born BugieC1969Journey to the Edge
30 Days in the HoleC1973Classic Cuts No 1
Natural Born BugieC2000The Best of Progressive Rock
Englebert Humperdinck Release MeC1967The Greatest Hits of 1967
Ilúvatar ExodusC1995Kinesis Progressive Sampler one
Immaculate Fools No DancingC1995Cooking Vinyl Sampler (Volume 4 1995)
Imperial Drag Zodiac SignC1996Brutal Bunch 3 (promo CD)
Incantation Cacharpaya ShuffleC1995Cooking Vinyl Sampler (Volume 4 1995)
The Incredible Expanding Mindfuck The Gospel According To the IEMC1995Pick & Mix
Indigo Tomorrow is MaybeC1996Mmmmm...
In Excelsis Carnival Of the GullibleC1994In Goth Daze
Inkubus Sukkubus Take My HungerC1995Dreams in the Witch House
Belladonna & AconiteC1995Gothic Rock 2
Intense Dilute to TasteC1996Frontiers promo CD Volume 6
Into the Abyss Banner of the FrayC1995Gothic Rock 2
INXS New SensationC1988Q Decade - The Very Best of 1986-1996
Born to be WildC1994It's only rock'n'roll... but we like it!
Iron Butterfly In-a-Gadda-Da-VidaC1968Journey to the Edge
Irony Maria BahranC1996Frontiers promo CD Volume 7
These ImagesS2003These Images
Chris Isaak Wicked GameC1989Top Gear
Isildur's Bane The PilotC1997Swedish Progressive Sampler
Isley Brothers Summer BreezeC1973The Ultimate Gold Collection
That LadyC197325 Years of Rock'n'Roll - 1973
Isobel's Shrine ResentmentC1996New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel Children
Jackson 5 I Want You BackC1969Back to the 70s
Terry Jacks Seasons In the SunC1974Seventies Blockbusters
The Jags Back of my HandC1979Teenage Kicks
The Jam Going UndergroundC1980Teenage Kicks
StartC1980Teenage Kicks
Going UndergroundC1994It's only rock'n'roll... but we like it!
James Set DownC1990Q Decade - The Very Best of 1986-1996
Sit DownC1994It's only rock'n'roll... but we like it!
Etta James Something's Got a Hold on MeC1995Love Dreams
James Ray & the Performance Assassin 64C1993Gothic Rock
Jamiroquai Space CowboyS1994Space Cowboy
Manifest DestinyC1994Really Free
Bert Jansch Summer HeatC1995Cooking Vinyl Sampler (Volume 4 1995)
January All TimeC2001Uncut - 18-track Guide to the Month's Best Music, March 2001
Geraint Jarman a'r Cynganeddwyr SegontiumC1997Angylion Hardd: Adennydd Mawr (Angels with Big Wings) (promo CD)
Jefferson Starship JaneC1979Born To Be Wild
Jeremy excerpt from Deep SleepC1995Kinesis Progressive Sampler one
Jethro Tull A Song For JeffreyC1968The Age of Enlightenment Prog Rock Volume One
Living in the PastC1969And the Heavens Cried
Locomotive BreathC1971Spirit of the Age
Living in the PastC1972Progression
Billy Joel All About Soul (radio edit)S1993All About Soul
Elton John Rocket ManC1972Back to the 70s
Step Into ChristmasC1973It's Christmas Time
Bennie and the JetsC1973The No 1 70s Rock Album
Johnny & the Hurricanes Red River RockC1959The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
Johnny Johnson & the Bandwagon Blame it on the Pony ExpressC2004The Greatest 70s Album
Marv Johnson I Love the Way You Love MeC1995Love Dreams
Joi Fulfilment in DubC1996Whirl-Y-Gigs
Ricky Lee Jones Chuck E's In LoveC1994It's only rock'n'roll... but we like it!
Louis Jordan The Theme from BullitC2001Uncut - 18-track Guide to the Month's Best Music, March 2001
Journey Don't Stop Believin'C1981Born To Be Wild
Judas Priest Breaking the LawC1998Classic Cuts No 1
Judge Dread Big SevenC1992The Best of & the Rest of Hits of the 70s Vol 2
Juicy Lucy Pretty WomanC1970Soft Rock
Jump Where Silver Calls (live)C2000Cyclops Sampler 4
Jupiterhead SpaceC1996Amberdelic Space
Kable OmarC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
Lucy Kaplansky Every Single DayC2002Huntingdon Folk 3
Karda Estra The Projected FutureC2002Cyclops Sampler 5
The Alpha and the OmegaC2006Cyclops Sampler 6
Karnataka Must Be the DevilC2003The CRS Acoustic Sessions
Strange BehaviourC2003The CRS Acoustic Sessions
There Must Be a WayC2003The CRS Acoustic Sessions
CrazyC2003The CRS Acoustic Sessions
Kava Kava GilC1995Pick & Mix
KC & the Sunshine Band That's The Way (I Like It)C1975Back to the 70s
Queen of ClubsC2004The Greatest 70s Album
Keef Hartley Band Born to DieC1969And the Heavens Cried
Kenickie Millionaire SweeperS1996Millionaire Sweeper
Kenny The BumpC2004The Greatest 70s Album
Gerard Kenny New York, New YorkC1978Seventies Blockbusters
Kerberos Seaside DeathC1997Swedish Progressive Sampler
Key Processor DirtC1996Amberdelic Space
Greg Kihn JeopardyC1983Soft Rock
Ben E King Stand By MeC1995Love Dreams
King Crimson Circkus including Entry of the ChameleonsC1970Journey to the Edge
King's X FadeC1998Classic Cuts No 2
The Kinks Sunny AfternoonC1966The Ultimate Gold Collection
Waterloo SunsetC1967The Greatest Hits of 1967
LolaC1970Back to the 70s
Kiss the Clown Strong as YouC1996Frontiers promo CD Volume 7
The Knack My SharonaC1979Teenage Kicks
Knights of the Occasional Table GolganzoolaC1997Continental Drifts vol 1
Kopecky Bartholomew's KiteC2000Cyclops Sampler 4
The Korgis If I Had YouC1992The Best of & the Rest of Hits of the 70s Vol 2
Kournakova Super Highway (demo version)C2000Global Warming Records Promotional Sampler
Sleepless When Your Thinking (demo version)C2000Global Warming Records Promotional Sampler
Kryptästhesie Watching the SkyC1995Pick & Mix
Kula Shaker Tattva on St George's DayS1996Tattva
Hey DudeS1996Hey Dude
Ladytron DiscotraxxC2001Uncut - 18-track Guide to the Month's Best Music, March 2001
La Honda 27 WomenS200127 Women
Laibach Message from the Black StarC1996Brutal Bunch 3 (promo CD)
Greg Lake Lucky ManC1981Classic Cuts No 1
Dave Lambert ShadowlandC2004The Witchwood Project
Landberk DustgodC1997Swedish Progressive Sampler
Lands End Eyes of VenusC1995Second Cyclops Sampler
Breathing DeepC1996Third Cyclops Sampler
Coming Down In SheetsC2002Cyclops Sampler 5
My Home (alternate)C2006Cyclops Sampler 6
Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance How ComeC1973Acoustic Moods
The La's Timeless MemoryC2001Uncut - 18-track Guide to the Month's Best Music, March 2001
Last Laugh BusyC1997Swedish Progressive Sampler
Lauren Laverne In the Bleak MidwinterC2000It's a Cool, Cool Christmas
Tom Leary The Three Seasons/MetalheadC2002Huntingdon Folk 3
Leaves' Eyes Elegy (single version)S2005Elegy
Brenda Lee Rockin' Around the Christmas TreeC1958It's Christmas Time
Johnny Lee Lookin' for LoveC1995Love Dreams
Lemon Crush Bad LoveC1997Frontiers promo CD Volume 8
Lemon Pipers Green TambourineC1967Soft Rock
John & Yoko/The Plastic Ono Band Happy Xmas (War Is Over)C1972It's Christmas Time
Jackie Leven Leven's LamentC1995Cooking Vinyl Sampler (Volume 4 1995)
Lever Hate for the SakeC1996Frontiers promo CD Volume 6
Le Vibrator MaryC2000Global Warming Records Promotional Sampler
Sex On The BeachC2000Global Warming Records Promotional Sampler
Jona Lewie Stop the CavalryC1980It's Christmas Time
Huey Lewis & the News The Power Of LoverC1985Top Gear
Do You Believe in LoveC1994It's only rock'n'roll... but we like it!
Jerry Lee Lewis Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On (live)C1981The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
Jerry Lee Lewis with The Nashville Teens Good Golly Miss Molly (live)C1964The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
Linda Lewis It's In His KissC197570s Blockbusters
Liberation Thru' Hearing The Roof Verses of the Six BardosC1995Pick & Mix
Johnny Lima Never Gonna Let U GoC1997Frontiers promo CD Volume 8
Lindisfarne Lady EleanorC1970Acoustic Moods
Meet Me On the CornerC1971The No 1 70s Rock Album
Linoleum On a TuesdayS1997On a Tuesday
Little Johnny England I was a Young ManC2002Huntingdon Folk 3
Little Richard Tutti FruttiC1956The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
The Girl Can't Help ItC1957The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
Llwybr Llaethog Mondo MandoC1997Angylion Hardd: Adennydd Mawr (Angels with Big Wings) (promo CD)
Lobo I'd Love You To Want MeC1995Love Dreams
Nils Lofgren Silver LiningC1991Soft Rock
London After Midnight RevengeC1995Gothic Rock 2
Loop Guru OlwanaC1996Amberdelic Space
Love Like Blood Kiss and TellC1995Gothic Rock 2
Lethal RadiationC1996New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel Children
Lena Lovich Lucky NumberC1978Teenage Kicks
The Loving Spoonful DaydreamC1966The Ultimate Gold Collection
Summer in the CityC1966Soft Rock
Low Just Like ChristmasC2000It's a Cool, Cool Christmas
Jez Lowe & the Bad Pennies In My TradeC2002Huntingdon Folk 3
Lowgold Out of ReachC2001Uncut - 18-track Guide to the Month's Best Music, March 2001
The Lucky Bishops AshtraliaC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
Lulu The Man Who Sold the WorldC1974Soft Rock
Frankie Lymon Little Bitty Pretty OneC1958The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
Bjorn Lynne ShapechangerC2000Cyclops Sampler 4
Lynyrd Skynyrd FreebirdC1973Born To Be Wild
Paul McCartney Wonderful ChristmastimeC1979It's Christmas Time
McCoy OutrageousC1997Classic Cuts No 2
George McCrae Rock Your BabyC1974Back to the 70s
McFadden & Whitehead Ain't No Stoppin' Us NowC2004The Greatest 70s Album
Don McLean American Pie [short version]C1971Back to the 70s
Castles In the AirC1972Acoustic Moods
Ralph McTell Streets of LondonC1974Acoustic Moods
Mary MacGregor Torn Between Two LoversC197670s Blockbusters
Magic Hour Sunrise VariationsC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
Magic Mushroom Band Don't Be AfraidC1991Psychedelic Psauna
EquassianC1996Amberdelic Space
Magnum InvasionC1978Soft Rock
All Of My LifeC1979Soft Rock
InvasionC2000The Best of Progressive Rock
Nathan Mahl The Place We Call HomeC2004Kinections - the Progday Support CD
Malaise Wait for the GhostC1997The Gothic Sounds of Nightbreed 2
Yngwie Malmsteen Carry On Wayward SonC1996Frontiers promo CD Volume 6
Man Many Are Called But Few Get UpC1972The Age of Enlightenment Prog Rock Volume One
Mandragora ConspiracyC1991Psychedelic Psauna
Earthdance (Washouse mix)C1994Ambient Senses
Solstice SongC1995Pick & Mix
Abu ZulefC1997Continental Drifts vol 1
Manfred Mann Pretty FlamingoC1966That Loving Feeling
Mighty QuinnC1968The Ultimate Gold Collection
Manfred Mann's Earthband JoybringerC1973Progression
Blinded By the LightC1976The No 1 70s Rock Album
Manhole Six Feet DeepC1996Brutal Bunch 3 (promo CD)
Manic Street Preachers 4st 7lbC1994Really Free
Manning A Strange Place (live)C2002Cyclops Sampler 5
Top of the MountainC2004Kinections - the Progday Support CD
Guy Manning Post Mortem (a) 3 Score Years and 10 (b) In My LifeC2000Cyclops Sampler 4
Mansun Lemonade Secret DrinkC1996Mmmmm...
Manuskript Faking LiesC1996New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel Children
March Violets Snake Dance (7 mix)C1995Gothic Rock 2
Marillion Under the SunC1998Classic Cuts No 1
These ChainsC1998Classic Cuts No 3
The Marilyn Decade Cock Marsh on BicyclesC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
The Marionettes Ave Dementia (edit)C1990Gothic Rock
Savage GardenC1995Dreams in the Witch House
Marshall Hain Dancing in the CityC1978The Ultimate Gold Collection
John Martyn Sing a Song of SummerC1968And the Heavens Cried
Massive Attack Better ThingsC1994Really Free
Mastermind Miles To Go Before I SleepC1996Third Cyclops Sampler
Johnny Mathis When a Child is BornC1976It's Christmas Time
Mats & Morgan Spinning aroundC1997Swedish Progressive Sampler
Chaz Matthews NumbC1995Gothic Rock 2
Matthew's Southern Comfort WoodstockC1970The Ultimate Gold Collection
Maurice & the Zodiacs StayC1960The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
Max 404 LostC1996Amberdelic Space
Max Pashm GypsyheadC1997Continental Drifts vol 1
John Mayall Room to MoveC1968And the Heavens Cried
Curtis Mayfield PushermanC1995Mind Games (The Sunday Times Music Collection)
May Monday Billy and BobC2002Huntingdon Folk 3
Meat Loaf You Took the Words Right Out of My MouthC1977Top Gear
Bat out of HellC1977The No 1 70s Rock Album
Modern GirlC1984Born To Be Wild
Medicine Ball Building and BuildingC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
Medicine Head One and One is OneC197325 Years of Rock'n'Roll - 1973
Slip and SlideC1974Progression
Medicine Rain Speak Our Tongue (angel mix)C1996New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel Children
Melanie Ruby TuesdayC1970Soft Rock
Will You Love Me TomorrowC1973Soft Rock
John Mellencamp I'm Not Running AnymoreC1998Classic Cuts No 3
Howard Melvin & the Blue Notes If You Don't Know Me By NowC197325 Years of Rock'n'Roll - 1973
Melys CuckooS1997Cuckoo
Ni Ddisgynna's aderynC1997Angylion Hardd: Adennydd Mawr (Angels with Big Wings) (promo CD)
Mentaur Chasing Time (remix)C1996Third Cyclops Sampler
Meridian Dreams UnveiledC1996New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel Children
Message Think Of MeC1998Classic Cuts No 3
Middle of the Road Chirpy Chirpy Cheep CheepC197170s Blockbusters
Midnight Configuration No LimitsC1995Gothic Rock 2
Chaos Mind (Cathedral Mix)C1996New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel Children
Transmission Soul (Burn Out)C1997The Gothic Sounds of Nightbreed 2
Funeral NationC1997The Gothic Sounds of Nightbreed 2
Robert Miles Fable - Dream RadioS1996Fable
The Mindbenders Groovy Kind of LoveC1966That Loving Feeling
The Mission Raising Cain (single edit)C1995Gothic Rock 2
The Mist of Avalon BlindC1996New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel Children
The Misunderstood I Can Take You to the SunC1966And the Heavens Cried
Moby Someone to LoveC1996Brutal Bunch 3 (promo CD)
Monotones Book of LoveC1957The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
The Moody Blues Go NowC1964Soft Rock
Nights in White SatinC1967That Loving Feeling
Ride My See SawC1968And the Heavens Cried
QuestionC1989The No 1 70s Rock Album
Moom The Higher SunC1995Pick & Mix
Gary Moore Parisienne WalkwaysC1978Born To Be Wild
Dirty FingersC1984Soft Rock
Parisienne Walkways (live)C1987Soft Rock
Mooseheart Faith You Are Just a Flying EggC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
Patrick Moraz & Ronnie Ciago Los EndosC1998The Fox Lies Down - A Tribute to Genesis
Morgan Christmas in WakikiC2000It's a Cool, Cool Christmas
Mostly Autumn The Night SkyC2000Cyclops Sampler 4
Pieces of LoveC2000Cyclops Sampler 4
Prints in the Stone (single version)C2002Cyclops Sampler 5
Noise From My HeadC2002Cyclops Sampler 5
Heroes Never Die (2000 reprise)C2006Cyclops Sampler 6
Mother Gong In the BeginningC1998The Fox Lies Down - A Tribute to Genesis
Motorpsycho The Nerve TattooC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
The Motors AirportC1978Teenage Kicks
Mott the Hoople Thunderbuck RamC1970And the Heavens Cried
Roll Away the StoneC1971Top Gear
All the Young DudesC1972The No 1 70s Rock Album
Mouth Music Here and Blown AwayC1996Whirl-Y-Gigs
The Move Flowers In the RainC1967The Greatest Hits of 1967
Mud Dyna-MyteC197325 Years of Rock'n'Roll - 1973
Lonely This ChristmasC1974It's Christmas Time
Tiger FeetC1974Back to the 70s
Lean On MeC1976Soft Rock
The Cat Crept InC2004The Greatest 70s Album
The Muffins They Come On Unknown NightsC2005Kinections - the Progday Support CD
Multi-Story The WireC1995Kinesis Progressive Sampler one
Mungo Jerry In the SummertimeC1970Back to the 70s
Alright Alright AlrightC197325 Years of Rock'n'Roll - 1973
Wild LoveC1973Soft Rock
Mysterkah Red DaylightC2002Cyclops Sampler 5
Johnny Nash I Can See Clearly NowC1972The Ultimate Gold Collection
Nautilus The Dark Room (alternate)C2006Cyclops Sampler 6
Nazareth Love HurtsC1977Soft Rock
Nekromantik Children Go BangC1996New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel Children
Rick Nelson It's LateC1959The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
Nev Simulated WoodC1996Amberdelic Space
Never Mind Reading Your IllusionsC1996New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel Children
New Order RegretC1993Q Decade - The Very Best of 1986-1996
The Nice Flower King of FliesC1967The Age of Enlightenment Prog Rock Volume One
AmericaC1968Journey to the Edge
Thoughts of Emerlist DavjakC1995Mind Games (The Sunday Times Music Collection)
America/Second AmendmentC2000The Best of Progressive Rock
Nice Beaver Cully on Bleeker Street (alternate version)C2002Cyclops Sampler 5
Saturday Nice BeaverC2006Cyclops Sampler 6
Nico VegasC1994In Goth Daze
Nilsson Without YouC1971Back to the 70s
Nirvana [60s band] Tiny GoddessC1967And the Heavens Cried
Nocturnal Sea Nocturnal SeaC1996New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel Children
Clive Nolan and Oliver Wakeman The Mission (from Jabberwocky)C1999Classic Cuts No 3
Nosferatu Inside the DevilC1993Gothic Rock
The WiccamanC1995Gothic Rock 2
Nova Express Let the PowersC1995Pick & Mix
Nuetron 9000 Butterfly HolocaustC1996Amberdelic Space
Nukli Inner DaysC1995Pick & Mix
Nurse With Wound AngleC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
Oasis Slide AwayC1994Really Free
Hazel O'Connor Eighth DayC1980Teenage Kicks
Sinead O'Connor On Raglan RoadC1996Mmmmm...
Octopus AdrenalinaC1996Mmmmm...
Odyssey Native New YorkerC1977Seventies Blockbusters
Odyssice Scream (live)C2002Cyclops Sampler 5
The O'Jays Back StabbersC1972The Ultimate Gold Collection
Mike Oldfield Moonlight ShadowC1983Acoustic Moods
Let There Be LightS1995Let There Be Light
Sally Oldfield MirrorsC1978Soft Rock
Terry Oldfield Spiral WavesS1992Spiral Waves
The Olivia Tremor Control The ShipsC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
Omnia Opera Annihilation (edit)C1995Pick & Mix
Optica HashidityC1996Amberdelic Space
Optic Eye The Listening (Aural Sculpture Mix)C1996Amberdelic Space
Opus III It's a Fine DayC1992Chill Factor 5
Orange Goblin Blue SnowC1998Classic Cuts No 1
The Orb Towers of Dub (Ambient mix)C1991Ambient Senses
Little Fluffy CloudsC1996Amberdelic Space
Orbital Satan (Industry Standard edit)S1996Satan Live (3)
Joan Osborne One of UsC1995Q Decade - The Very Best of 1986-1996
St Teresa (edit)S1996St Teresa
Ostia Lady In FlightC1995Gothic Rock 2
Oysterband Jam TomorrowC1995Cooking Vinyl Sampler (Volume 4 1995)
Ozric Tentacles Erp Riff '83C1991Psychedelic Psauna
P A I N Oh No! It's the PigsC1997Continental Drifts vol 1
Palace Black/Rich TuneC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
Pallas InsomniacC1997Classic Cuts No 2
Robert Palmer Every Kinda PeopleC1978The Ultimate Gold Collection
Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor Doctor)C1979Top Gear
Parallel or 90 Degrees EncapsulatedC2000Cyclops Sampler 4
Blues for Lear (studio jam)C2002Cyclops Sampler 5
Graham Parker Hey Lord, Don't Ask Me QuestionsC1978Teenage Kicks
Pär Lindh Project The Cathedral-excerpt/Gunnslev's roundC1997Swedish Progressive Sampler
John Parr St Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion)C1985Born To Be Wild
Niamh Parsons Blackbirds & Thrushes/The Blackbird WaltzC2002Huntingdon Folk 3
Partridge Family I Think I Love YouC197070s Blockbusters
Patto Hold Me BackC1970And the Heavens Cried
The Linus Pauling Quartet DartaniaC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
Pentatonic CatatoniaC1996Amberdelic Space
Carl Perkins That's Alright MamaC1958The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
All Mama's ChildernC1969The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
The Petals Poisoned AirC1991Psychedelic Psauna
Peter & Gordon World Without LoveC1964That Loving Feeling
Phoenix Too YoungC2001Uncut - 18-track Guide to the Month's Best Music, March 2001
Pilot MagicC2004The Greatest 70s Album
Pineapple Thief Private ParadiseC2000Cyclops Sampler 4
Variations on a Dream Part 0C2002Cyclops Sampler 5
The Pineapple Thief Dead in the Water/Blood On Your HandsC2006Cyclops Sampler 6
Pink Fairies Do ItC1971Spirit of the Age
Pioneers Let Your Yeah be YeahC1992The Best of & the Rest of Hits of the 70s Vol 2
Robert Plant Big LogC1983Top Gear
29 PalmsC1994It's only rock'n'roll... but we like it!
The Platters Only You (and You Alone)C1995Love Dreams
Play Dead PropagandaC1982Gothic Rock
The TenantC1994In Goth Daze
This Side of Heaven (extended version)C1995Gothic Rock 2
Poisoned Electrick Head SnobsC1991Psychedelic Psauna
Poisongirls Persons UnknownC1995Cooking Vinyl Sampler (Volume 4 1995)
The Police Can't Stand Losing YouC1978Teenage Kicks
RoxanneC1978The No 1 70s Rock Album
Can't Stand Losing YouC1994It's only rock'n'roll... but we like it!
Iggy Pop Real Wild Child (Wild One)C1986Teenage Kicks
Porcupine Tree Linton Samuel DawsonC1991Psychedelic Psauna
Voyage 34 (Remodelled)C1995Pick & Mix
Waiting (phase 1)S1996Waiting
Ptolemine TreescopeC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
Music for the HeadC1996Amberdelic Space
The Powder Monkeys The Supernova That Never QuitsC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
Cozy Powell Dance With the DevilC2004The Greatest 70s Album
Praise Space Electric Ornitholgy/Can You Play.../OrnithologyC1995Pick & Mix
Prelude After the GoldrushC1973Acoustic Moods
The Pretenders Brass In PocketC1987Teenage Kicks
Don't Get Me WrongC1994It's only rock'n'roll... but we like it!
Alan Price Just for YouC1992The Best of & the Rest of Hits of the 70s Vol 2
Lloyd Price Stagger LeeC1958The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
Primal Scream RocksC1994Really Free
Procol Harum A Whiter Shade of PaleC1967That Loving Feeling
Product Stranger and KiroshiC2006Cyclops Sampler 6
ProgAID All Around the World - single mixS2005All Around the World
Brian Protheroe PinballC1974Acoustic Moods
Psalm 69 RidingC1995Go On Girl
Warm GunC1995Go On Girl
VampireC1995Go On Girl
Psychedelic Furs Pretty In PinkC1981Teenage Kicks
Psychomuzak The ExstasieC1995Pick & Mix
PTS Walk With MeC1996Frontiers promo CD Volume 7
Gary Puckett & the Union Gap Young GirlC1968The Ultimate Gold Collection
Pulp Pink GloveC1994Really Free
Common PeopleS1995Common People
Help the AgedS1997Help the Aged
Purple Sticky Punch SaturdayS2001Too Fine Line
Python Lee Jackson In a Broken DreamC1972The No 1 70s Rock Album
Quad AquavilleC1996Amberdelic Space
Queen Killer QueenC1974Back to the 70s
Thank God It's ChristmasC1984It's Christmas Time
Quintessence Notting Hill GateC1969The Age of Enlightenment Prog Rock Volume One
GungamaiC1969And the Heavens Cried
Racing Cars They Shoot Horses Don't They?C1976Acoustic Moods
Radiohead Bishop's RobesC1996Mmmmm...
Gerry Rafferty Baker StreetC1977Back to the 70s
The Rah Band The CrunchC2004The Greatest 70s Album
Rainbow Since You Been GoneC1979Born To Be Wild
Rare Bird SympathyC1969Progression
The Rattles The WitchC1970Progression
Ravana Urban ChildC1996Frontiers promo CD Volume 6
Lou Rawls You'll Never Find Another Love Like MineC2004The Greatest 70s Album
Chris Rea Fool (If You Think It's Over)C1988The Ultimate Gold Collection
JuliaC1994It's only rock'n'roll... but we like it!
Ready for Dead Ready for Dead (Ambient mix)C1993Ambient Senses
The Real Thing You To Me Are EverythingC1976Back to the 70s
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Beating My HeadC1994In Goth Daze
Hollow EyesC1994In Goth Daze
Monkeys On JuiceC1995Gothic Rock 2
Lou Reed Walk On the Wild SideC1972Top Gear
Regents Barbara AnnC1961The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
Renaissance Northern LightsC1978Progression
Revolution by Night Selling HeavenC1995Dreams in the Witch House
TouchC1996New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel Children
Rhythmites CreationC1997Continental Drifts vol 1
Cliff Richard We Don't Talk AnymoreC1979Back to the 70s
Mistletoe & WineC1988It's Christmas Time
Rich Kids Rich KidsC1978Teenage Kicks
Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers RoadrunnerC1976Soft Rock
The Ridgeriders Ill OmensC2002Huntingdon Folk 3
Nick Riff Lost & WildC1991Psychedelic Psauna
Tribal EldersC1995Pick & Mix
The Righteous Brothers You've Lost That Loving FeelingC1965That Loving Feeling
Ritual Mind DiseaseC1994In Goth Daze
Rockingbirds Roll On ForeverC1995Cooking Vinyl Sampler (Volume 4 1995)
Rory McLeod How Can You Keep On MovingC1995Cooking Vinyl Sampler (Volume 4 1995)
Rose Royce Love Don't Live Here AnymoreC1978Back to the 70s
Rosetta Stone DeeperC1991Gothic Rock
CimmerianC1995Gothic Rock 2
Patti Rothberg FlickerC1996Mmmmm...
Rheinallt H Rowlands Carchar Meddwl MeddalC1997Angylion Hardd: Adennydd Mawr (Angels with Big Wings) (promo CD)
Roxy Music Virginia PlainC1972The No 1 70s Rock Album
Ruby Throat MisbehaviourC1997Continental Drifts vol 1
Todd Rundgren International FeelC2000The Best of Progressive Rock
Rush The Spirit of RadioC1980Born To Be Wild
Sabres of Paradise ThemeC1994Chill Factor 5
Sabu CherieC1996Frontiers promo CD Volume 7
Sad Cafe Every Day HurtsC1979The Ultimate Gold Collection
Saddar Bazaar Arc of Ascent (part one)C1995Pick & Mix
Saens Escaping from the Hands of God Part 2C2002Cyclops Sampler 5
St Agnes Fountain Oh Love, it's a Cold and Frosty Night/A Merry ChristmasC2002Huntingdon Folk 3
Saint Etienne My Christmas PrayerC2000It's a Cool, Cool Christmas
Salem Hill WhenC2000Cyclops Sampler 4
Sten Sandell & Simon Steensland SongC1997Swedish Progressive Sampler
Santana Black Magic WomanC1974Top Gear
She's Not ThereC1977The No 1 70s Rock Album
Savage Space CowboyC1997Frontiers promo CD Volume 8
Scanner ArcC1996Amberdelic Space
Scheer SheaC1996Brutal Bunch 3 (promo CD)
Brinsley Schwarz Funk AngelC1970Spirit of the Age
Screaming Dead Creatures Of the NightC1994In Goth Daze
Seafruit Hello WorldC2000Global Warming Records Promotional Sampler
AirC2000Global Warming Records Promotional Sampler
The Seahorses Love Me and Leave MeS1997Love Me and Leave Me
Secret Affair Time For ActionC1979Teenage Kicks
Seefeel Minky StarshineC1993Ambient Senses
Captain Sensible So Far OutC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
Sensitive To Light Carpe Diem (alternate)C2006Cyclops Sampler 6
Sensurreal Confidential SuiteC1996Amberdelic Space
Seraphim Twin AtonementC1996New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel Children
Sex Pistols Pretty VacantC1977Teenage Kicks
Sex Gang Children Dieche (12" version)C1984Gothic Rock
Shakin' Stevens Merry Christmas EveryoneC1985It's Christmas Time
Sham 69 If the Kids are UnitedC1978Teenage Kicks
The Shamen Destination EschatonC1995Chill Factor 5
Sha Na Na A Teenager In LoveC1970Soft Rock
Del Shannon Hats Off to LarryC1961The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
Sheamless Fairly Shot of HerC1996Whirl-Y-Gigs
Sherbert HowzatC1976The No 1 70s Rock Album
The Shirelles Baby It's YouC1995Love Dreams
Shotgun Symphony Carousel of Broken DreamsC1997Frontiers promo CD Volume 8
Showaddywaddy Hey Rock'n'RollC2004The Greatest 70s Album
The Shroud She...C1995Gothic Rock 2
Sali Sidibe & the London to Africa Allstars Transitory World (Time is the Answer/Seashore mix(C1996Whirl-Y-Gigs
Siela Under the Flowing WaterC1996New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel Children
Sigh ShikigamiC1997The Unholy Bible - Cacophonous Sampler
The Curse of IzanagiC1997The Unholy Bible - Cacophonous Sampler
Carly Simon You're So VainC1972Back to the 70s
Joe Simon You Keep Me Hangin' OnC1995Love Dreams
Sindicate Medicine ManC1997Frontiers promo CD Volume 8
Sinkadus Manuel (alternate version)C1996Third Cyclops Sampler
ManuelC1997Swedish Progressive Sampler
PositivhalarenC2000Cyclops Sampler 4
Six By Seven I Believe in Father ChristmasC2000It's a Cool, Cool Christmas
Skeletal Family Alone She CriesC1994In Goth Daze
The Wind BlowsC1995Gothic Rock 2
The Skids Working For The Yankee DollarC1979Teenage Kicks
Skulduggery Heartbreak TooC1996Frontiers promo CD Volume 7
Slade Coz I Love YouC1971Back to the 70s
Merry Xmas EverybodyC1973It's Christmas Time
Cum On Feel The NoizeC197325 Years of Rock'n'Roll - 1973
Luke Slater Dreams of ChildrenC1993Ambient Senses
Luke Slater's 7th Plain Seeing Sense (Reprised mix)C1996Amberdelic Space
Percy Sledge When a Man Loves a WomanC1995Love Dreams
Sleeping Giant When Your Best is Never EnoughC2003The CRS Acoustic Sessions
Nothing MoreC2003The CRS Acoustic Sessions
December MoonC2003The CRS Acoustic Sessions
Sleepy La Beef Shame Shame ShameC1965The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
The Small Faces Itchycoo ParkC1967That Loving Feeling
Afterglow (of Your Love)C1995Mind Games (The Sunday Times Music Collection)
Smalltown Heroes Moral JudgementC1996Frontiers promo CD Volume 6
Patti Smith Because The NightC1978Top Gear
Smokie If You Think You Know How to Love MeC1975Seventies Blockbusters
Sniff n' the Tears Driver's SeatC1978The Ultimate Gold Collection
Snow Patrol When I Get Home For ChristmasC2000It's a Cool, Cool Christmas
So! Baby BlueC1998Classic Cuts No 1
Sonny & Cher I Got You BabeC1965The Ultimate Gold Collection
Sons of Neverland RapeC1996New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel Children
Sons of Selina Of the First WaterC1995Pick & Mix
Sonus Umbra Self ErosionC2004Kinections - the Progday Support CD
Soul Inside Desire (Heaven into Dust mix)C1995Dreams in the Witch House
Soundgarden The Day I Tried to LiveC1994Really Free
Southern Death Cult MoyaC1993Gothic Rock
Fat ManC1995Gothic Rock 2
Sparklehorse Hammering the CrampsC1995Mmmmm...
Specimen SyriaC1993Gothic Rock
HexC1994In Goth Daze
Sharp Teeth Pretty TeethC1994In Goth Daze
HoleC1994In Goth Daze
Stand Up Stand OutC1995Gothic Rock 2
Chris Spedding Motor Bikin'C2004The Greatest 70s Album
Speedy Anytime Anyplace NowhereS1996Anytime Anyplace Nowhere (promo)
Boy WonderS1996Boy Wonder
Lee Spencer Kogi Bridge (Whirly 96 mix)C1996Whirl-Y-Gigs
Sphere Three Simple WordsC1995Second Cyclops Sampler
AgainC1996Third Cyclops Sampler
Shrimp SNGC2000Cyclops Sampler 4
Sphere3 An Unusual January (Monkyfrog mix)C2002Cyclops Sampler 5
Spiderfoot Circa 2000C1997Frontiers promo CD Volume 8
Spin Doctors Two PrincesC1991Top Gear
Spirit CagesC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
Spirits Burning Return of the Giant HogweedC1998The Fox Lies Down - A Tribute to Genesis
Split Enz I Got YouC1979Teenage Kicks
Spock's Beard Waste AwayC1997Frontiers promo CD Volume 8
Sponge Silence is Their DrugC1996Brutal Bunch 3 (promo CD)
Spooky Tooth I Am the WalrusC1970Spirit of the Age
The WeightC1975And the Heavens Cried
The MirrorC1995Mind Games (The Sunday Times Music Collection)
Society's ChildC2001Uncut - 18-track Guide to the Month's Best Music, March 2001
Dusty Springfield You Don't Have To Say You Love MeC1966That Loving Feeling
Squeeze Take Me, I'm YoursC1978Teenage Kicks
Starship Nothing's Gonna Stop Us NowC1985Born To Be Wild
Status Quo Ice In The SunC1968Soft Rock
Down the DustpipeC1970Soft Rock
Paper PlaneC197325 Years of Rock'n'Roll - 1973
CarolineC1973The No 1 70s Rock Album
Rockin' All Over the WorldC1977Born To Be Wild
Stealers Wheel Stuck In the Middle With YouC1972Acoustic Moods
Steeleye Span GaudeteC1977It's Christmas Time
Steppenwolf Born To Be WildC1968Born To Be Wild
The Steppes CornucopiaC1995Pick & Mix
Cat Stevens Matthew and SonC1967The Greatest Hits of 1967
Morning Has BrokenC1971The Ultimate Gold Collection
Al Stewart Year of the CatC1976Acoustic Moods
Rod Stewart Little Miss UnderstoodC1968Soft Rock
Country ComfortC1970And the Heavens Cried
Maggie MayC1971Back to the 70s
Reason To BelieveC1971Acoustic Moods
AngelC1972The No 1 70s Rock Album
You Wear It WellC1994It's only rock'n'roll... but we like it!
Still LovelessC1996Third Cyclops Sampler
Still Patient? The SunC1996New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel Children
Stiltskin InsideC1994Top Gear
Sting Fields of GoldC1993Q Decade - The Very Best of 1986-1996
Stoned Dog SanityC1996Frontiers promo CD Volume 7
Strangelove She's EverywhereC1996Mmmmm...
The Stranglers PeachesC1977The Ultimate Gold Collection
No More HeroesC1977Teenage Kicks
Walk On ByC2004The Greatest 70s Album
Strapping Fieldhands Tale From TelegewaeC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
Strawberry Alarm Clock Incense and PeppermintsC1995Mind Games (The Sunday Times Music Collection)
The Strawberry Hill Boys The Happiest Boy in TownC2006The Witchwood Project
Strawbs Lay DownC1973Acoustic Moods
Part of the UnionC197325 Years of Rock'n'Roll - 1973
Beside the Rio GrandeC1976The Witchwood Project
Riviera dei Fiori/Under a Cloudless SkyC2004Kinections - the Progday Support CD
On a Night Like ThisS2005On a Night Like This
Heartbreak HillC2006The Witchwood Project
The Man Who Called Himself JesusC2006The Witchwood Project
Acoustic Strawbs Alice's SongS2002Alice's Song
You and I (When We Were Young)C2002Huntingdon Folk 3
Oh How She ChangedC2005The Witchwood Project
Simple VisionsC2006The Witchwood Project
Stray All In Your MindC2000The Best of Progressive Rock
Stretch Why Did You Do ItC1975The No 1 70s Rock Album
Why Did You Do It?C1975Soft Rock
Stun Twisted (kinky version)C1996New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel Children
Subterfuge HaborymC1996New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel Children
Suede Daddy's SpeedingC1994Really Free
Suicidal Flowers Ease IIC1995Pick & Mix
Sundial Mind Train ExcursionC1991Psychedelic Psauna
Red SkyC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
Sun Electric O'Locco (Hyperfloral mix)C1993Ambient Senses
Sunkings GalapagosC1996Amberdelic Space
The Sunkings GalapagosC1994Ambient Senses
Supergrass Melanie DavisC1995Mmmmm...
Superstar Monster MindS1997LP sampler
I Love LoveS2000I Love Love
Surge 4.27 Ambience (10110111)C1996Amberdelic Space
Survivor Eye of the TigerC1982Born To Be Wild
Suspiria Nighttime (edit)C1996New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel Children
(now, we see) The Swine (part 2)C1997The Gothic Sounds of Nightbreed 2
The Frozen OnesC1997The Gothic Sounds of Nightbreed 2
Sutherland Brothers & Quiver Arms of MaryC1975Acoustic Moods
Suzi Quatro '48 CrashC197325 Years of Rock'n'Roll - 1973
Can the CanC2004The Greatest 70s Album
Sweet The Ballroom BlitzC1973Back to the 70s
BlockbusterC197370s Blockbusters
Blockbuster!C1973Seventies Blockbusters
Syd Barrett Baby LemonadeC1970The Age of Enlightenment Prog Rock Volume One
Symbiotic Bass Meditation (Ambient Aliens From Infinity mix)C1996Amberdelic Space
System 7 Sirenes (Tranquility mix)C1996Amberdelic Space
Syt Nu DawnC1996Amberdelic Space
June Tabor All Our TradesC1995Cooking Vinyl Sampler (Volume 4 1995)
Tangerine Dream ZeitC1972Spirit of the Age
Tarrantism Lannigans BallC1997Continental Drifts vol 1
Taste Born on the Wrong Side of TimeC1969And the Heavens Cried
Tavares More Than a WomanC2004The Greatest 70s Album
The Tea Monkeys My TimeS2004Just Not Cricket
The Teardrop Explodes RewardC1981Teenage Kicks
Tears For Fears Everybody Wants to Rule the WorldC1985Top Gear
Woman In ChainsC1989Q Decade - The Very Best of 1986-1996
Teenage Fanclub Christmas EveC2000It's a Cool, Cool Christmas
Tempest StargazerC2000The Best of Progressive Rock
Ten Don't CryC1996Frontiers promo CD Volume 6
SpellboundC1997Classic Cuts No 2
10cc I'm Not In LoveC1975Back to the 70s
Tenpole Tudor Swords of a Thousand MenC1981Teenage Kicks
Ten Years After Bad SceneC1969The Age of Enlightenment Prog Rock Volume One
Love Like a ManC1970Progression
Terminal Power Company Burning Chrome (Mk I)C1993Gothic Rock
Terrorvision MugwumpC1996Mmmmm...
Terry Dactyl and the Dinosaurs Seaside ShuffleC2004The Greatest 70s Album
That Petrol Emotion For What It's WorthC2001Uncut - 18-track Guide to the Month's Best Music, March 2001
Theatre of Hate Black MadonnaC1993Gothic Rock
Original Sin (single version)C1995Gothic Rock 2
Thin Lizzy The Boys Are Back In TownC1976Top Gear
13 Candles DeceptionC1996New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel Children
In the Name of DarknessC1997The Unholy Bible - Cacophonous Sampler
XenomorphC1997The Gothic Sounds of Nightbreed 2
Thirteenth Floor Elevators You're Gonna Miss MeC1995Mind Games (The Sunday Times Music Collection)
39 Clocks Psychotic Louie LouieC1994In Goth Daze
This Burning Effigy Communion with SophiaC1995Dreams in the Witch House
B J Thomas Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My HeadC1995Love Dreams
Irma Thomas I'm Your PuppetC2001Uncut - 18-track Guide to the Month's Best Music, March 2001
Teddy Thompson Missing ChildrenC2001Uncut - 18-track Guide to the Month's Best Music, March 2001
Three Degrees Woman In LoveC1978Seventies Blockbusters
Three Dog Night Mama Told Me Not To ComeC1970The No 1 70s Rock Album
Threshold ForeverC1997Frontiers promo CD Volume 8
Thunderclap Newman Something in the AirC1969That Loving Feeling
Timeshard King Canary Galactic Jump RideC1996Amberdelic Space
Tindersticks Travelling LightS1995Travelling Light
Glenn Tipton Kill or Be KilledC1997Frontiers promo CD Volume 8
Titan Spiritual GuidanceC2000It's a Cool, Cool Christmas
Tofu Love Frogs Vegetable AttackC1997Continental Drifts vol 1
The Tom Robinson Band 2-4-6-8 MotorwayC1977Top Gear
Tom Robinson Band You Gotta SurviveC1995Cooking Vinyl Sampler (Volume 4 1995)
Tones on Tail Burning Skies (edit)C1982Gothic Rock
David Toop Bodies of WaterC1996Amberdelic Space
Topper Something to Tell HerC1997Angylion Hardd: Adennydd Mawr (Angels with Big Wings) (promo CD)
Torok In My BonesC1997Frontiers promo CD Volume 8
The Tortured Handful of DustC1996New Alternatives III - The March of the Angel Children
Toto Hold the LineC1978Born To Be Wild
Touchstone Misguided FoolS2006Mad Hatters
Tower City Talking to SarahC1996Frontiers promo CD Volume 6
T'Pau Let It All FallC1998Classic Cuts No 3
Traffic Forty Thousand HeadmanC1968Journey to the Edge
Mr FantasyC1971And the Heavens Cried
Tragik Camel HerdersC1997Continental Drifts vol 1
Transfinite Omega (Luna mix)C1996Amberdelic Space
Transglobal Underground Mambo OnC1996Whirl-Y-Gigs
Transience Desert Falls 2C2000Cyclops Sampler 4
No Turning Back NowC2002Cyclops Sampler 5
Trapeze It's Only a DreamC1970And the Heavens Cried
Travis U16 GirlsS1997U16 Girls (promo CD)
All I Want To Do Is RockS1997All I Want To Do Is Rock
Treatment NightmareC1991Psychedelic Psauna
DissolvingC1995Pick & Mix
Trettioariga Kriget Lang HistoriaC2004Kinections - the Progday Support CD
T Rex DeboraC1968Spirit of the Age
Ride a White SwanC1970Back to the 70s
20th Century BoyC1973The No 1 70s Rock Album
Metal GuruC2004The Greatest 70s Album
Tr3nity Which Way (alternative version)C2002Cyclops Sampler 5
Into the Dark (alternate)C2006Cyclops Sampler 6
Trion Out There SomewhereC2006Cyclops Sampler 6
Tristan Park The Space BetweenC1995Second Cyclops Sampler
The Trodds The StalkC1991Psychedelic Psauna
Robin Trower Too Rolling StonedC1977Classic Cuts No 1
Doris Troy Just One LookC1995Love Dreams
Turin Brakes Emergency 72C2001Uncut - 18-track Guide to the Month's Best Music, March 2001
Ike & Tina Turner Nutbush City LimitsC1973Back to the 70s
Sammy Turner Lavender BlueC1995Love Dreams
Tina Turner We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)C1985Top Gear
Twelfth Night The Ceiling SpeaksC2000Cyclops Sampler 4
Fact and Fiction (alternative version)C2002Cyclops Sampler 5
Twilight Opera WastedC1997The Unholy Bible - Cacophonous Sampler
Twin Age A sign of my declineC1997Swedish Progressive Sampler
Two Witches RequiemC1995Gothic Rock 2
TalvenaikaC1997The Gothic Sounds of Nightbreed 2
Bonnie Tyler Piece of My HeartC1977Soft Rock
It's a HeartacheC1977Seventies Blockbusters
(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural WomanC1978Soft Rock
Holding Out For a HeroC1984Born To Be Wild
The Tymes Ms GraceC1974Seventies Blockbusters
Wonderful! Wonderful!C1995Love Dreams
Type O Negative Wolf MoonC1996Brutal Bunch 3 (promo CD)
Judy Tzuke Who Do You Really LoveC1978Soft Rock
BullyC1999Classic Cuts No 3
U2 Pride (in the Name of Love)C1994It's only rock'n'roll... but we like it!
Pere Ubu MemphisC1995Cooking Vinyl Sampler (Volume 4 1995)
UFO Doctor, Doctor (live)C1993Soft Rock
UK Decay TestamentC1993Gothic Rock
Ukranians PolitykaC1995Cooking Vinyl Sampler (Volume 4 1995)
The Undertones Teenage KicksC1978Teenage Kicks
My Perfect CousinC1980Teenage Kicks
Under Two Flags Lest We ForgetC1995Gothic Rock 2
Uriah Heep Easy Livin'C1974Classic Cuts No 1
Heartless LandC1997Classic Cuts No 2
GypsyC2000The Best of Progressive Rock
Utopia Swing to the RightC2000The Best of Progressive Rock
UVX African SunC1996Whirl-Y-Gigs
Elevator (13th Floor mix)C1996Amberdelic Space
Van der Graaf Generator KillerC1970The Age of Enlightenment Prog Rock Volume One
My Room (Waiting for Wonderland)C1976Journey to the Edge
Vanilla Fudge You Keep Me Hangin' OnC1967Journey to the Edge
Van Morrison Brown Eyed GirlC1967Top Gear
The Vapors Turning JapaneseC1980Teenage Kicks
Velvet Hammer VisionsC1995Go On Girl
First StoneC1995Go On Girl
What You ThinkC1995Go On Girl
Velvet Underground & Nico Venus In FursC1967Top Gear
Vendemmian Hang the ShameC1995Dreams in the Witch House
MasqueradeC1995Gothic Rock 2
Ventures Walk Don't RunC1960The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
Venus Ray Jet PlaneC2001Uncut - 18-track Guide to the Month's Best Music, March 2001
Vergelmer Her Harvest is My PreyC1997The Unholy Bible - Cacophonous Sampler
Vibrators Automatic LoverC1978Teenage Kicks
Village People YMCAC1978Back to the 70s
Gene Vincent Say MamaC1958The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
Virgin Prunes Pagan Love SongC1993Gothic Rock
Baby Turns BlueC1995Gothic Rock 2
Virtual Dawn GlidingC1996Whirl-Y-Gigs
Von Daniken Extract from Electrik Fish MusicC2000Cyclops Sampler 4
Voodoo Warriors of Love SweatC1996Amberdelic Space
Vulgar Unicorn Lost For Ever/SupersmokeC1995Second Cyclops Sampler
Too Many Secrets (alternate version)C1996Third Cyclops Sampler
More Money Than I Know What To Do WithC2000Cyclops Sampler 4
Gliders (Top Room/Radio Days version)C2002Cyclops Sampler 5
Oliver Wakeman & Rachel The View from HereS2002The View from Here
Wakeman & Cousins Song of a Sad Little GirlC2005The Witchwood Project
The Walker Brothers The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine AnymoreC1966That Loving Feeling
Joe Walsh Rocky Mountain WayC1967Top Gear
Warren G RegulateC1994Q Decade - The Very Best of 1986-1996
The Watersons God Bless the MasterC1980The Witchwood Project
Ken Watson Next XC1995Kinesis Progressive Sampler one
Weaver City LightsS2006City Lights
The Webb Brothers Every Day Is ChristmasC2000It's a Cool, Cool Christmas
The Wellwater Conspiracy The Far Side of Your MoonC1996Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album
Keith West Excerpt from a Teenage OperaC1967The Greatest Hits of 1967
Westworld Love You InsaneC1998Classic Cuts No 3
John Wetton Your Own Special WayC1998The Fox Lies Down - A Tribute to Genesis
Wet Wet Wet Wishing I Was LuckyC1987Q Decade - The Very Best of 1986-1996
Wham! Last ChristmasC1984It's Christmas Time
Barry White You're the First, the Last, My EverythingC1974Back to the 70s
Billy White Trio NectarineC1996Frontiers promo CD Volume 6
Jim White The Wound that Never HealsC2001Uncut - 18-track Guide to the Month's Best Music, March 2001
White Town Your WomanS1997>Abort, Retry, Fail?_ - Your Woman
Larry Williams Bony MoronieC1957The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
Roger Williams The Impossible DreamC1995Love Dreams
Rozz Williams Christian Death Spiritual CrampC1995Gothic Rock 2
Jackie Wilson Reet PetiteC1961The Ultimate Rock'n'roll Collection
Kip Winger SteamC1996Frontiers promo CD Volume 7
Wings Band on the RunC1973Back to the 70s
Edgar Winter Group FrankensteinC1972Progression
Wireless In love with the familiarS1998In love with the familiar
Wizzard I Wish it Could Be Christmas EverydayC1973It's Christmas Time
Angel FingersC197325 Years of Rock'n'Roll - 1973
Rock and Roll WinterC1992The Best of & the Rest of Hits of the 70s Vol 2
This is the Story of my Love BabyC1992The Best of & the Rest of Hits of the 70s Vol 2
Angel FingersC2004The Greatest 70s Album
Wobbler Leprechaun Behind the Door (demo)C2005Kinections - the Progday Support CD
The Wonder Stuff The Size of a CowC1991Q Decade - The Very Best of 1986-1996
Woob On Earth (edit)C1996Amberdelic Space
World Party Put the Message In the BoxC1994It's only rock'n'roll... but we like it!
Wraith Inside MeC1997Frontiers promo CD Volume 8
David Wrench Blow Winds BlowC1997Angylion Hardd: Adennydd Mawr (Angels with Big Wings) (promo CD)
X-Mal Deutschland Incubus Succubus IIC1980Gothic Rock
X-Ray Spex Germfree AdolescentsC1978Teenage Kicks
XTC Generals and MajorsC1980Teenage Kicks
Yes Starship TrooperC1971Spirit of the Age
Your Move/All Good PeopleC2000The Best of Progressive Rock
YO3 AberooC1996Amberdelic Space
John Young KingsS2003The Shape of Things to Come
The Young Rascals Groovin'C1967The Ultimate Gold Collection
Y & T I Believe In YouC1982Classic Cuts No 1
Timi Yuro Only Love Can Break a HeartC1995Love Dreams
Zager & Evans In the Year 2525 (Exordium & Terminus)C1969The Ultimate Gold Collection
Zero le Crêche Last Year's WifeC1994In Goth Daze
The Zombies She's Not ThereC1964That Loving Feeling
Zuvuya The Goat Faced GirlC1995Pick & Mix
ZZ Top Sharp Dressed ManC1983Top Gear
Various A word from our sponsorC1991Psychedelic Psauna

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