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- Discography

Last updated 7 February 2016

Imagine This (Dany) - 2012

Imagine This
Let It Go
She's Gonna Have A Baby
Should Your Photo Fade
Till The Money Runs Out
Sensitive Soul
Forever 17
When I Get Lucky
All Gone
Memories, Dreams & Reflections
Aerial Ballet

Dany's latest solo CD is full of cracking new songs. Recorded in France with a great acoustic feel.

Waiting Room (Dany) - 2009

Waiting Room
She's Legendary
Rue du Chant des Vagues
Words of Wisdom
Emily's Room
Going Solo
A Thousand Stars
The Mistral is a Wicked Wind
Open Stairwell

A solo CD: Waiting Room has a nice acoustic feel with great lyrics again and a noticeable French influence following his move there - check out songs like The Mistral is a Wicked Wind.

Yeah, but... - 2005

Just a Wrong Number
Back on the Streets Again
Something Missing
What are they Doing to our Nation?
Blank Paper Syndrome
One Man
These Images
Monument to Love
Rainbow's End
Everything's Liquid

Irony's latest CD is another collection of well-written songs with a varied fusion of styles, with lyrics inspired by contemporary themes and often in stream-of-consciousness form. These Images is a gripping song inspired by the 9/11 atrocity, while at the other end of the spectrum, Monument to Love is a vibrant, uplifting, gospel-style number.

Faraway Friend - 2002

6 Billion Of Us
Faraway Friend
Favourite Things
Kingfisher Blues
Vapour Trails
Sally Break Out
Savoir Faire
Home To Rosy

This has sumptuous mellow tunes with attractive combinations of folk, jazz, funk and soul. A little more 'up', this one features the wistful title track, written for Dany's long-time friend, Mych, plus Favourite Things, a rare excursion into happyland, and Vapour Trails, a song for Dany's daughter Jody about the trials of bringing her new Malaysian husband to the UK. This album was actually recorded in various rooms and, considering the amount of fiddling required to get it up to scratch, still sounds like a bunch of guys enjoying themselves.

Funny How Time Flies - 2001

Funny How Time Flies
Stuck On The Wild Frontier
Levy Love
Little Green Bird
The Angel Of Death
Home Upon The Hillside
Rely On I

Another chilled affair - Dany wants the title track played at his funeral!

Out Of Our Heads Again - 1998

Feel The Fear
The O.S.I.
Out Of Our Heads Again
Growing Wild
Fine Line
Into Heroin
Maria Bahran

The rockiest of the Irony CDs, containing the classic Maria Bahran and several other catchy, vibrant songs. Growing Wild and Fine Line are also personal favourites of mine. Very highly recommended.

Some Wide Horizon - 1998

Dreaming Of Leaving
Down At The Waterhole
Suitcases At Midnight
The Road To Paradise
Joanna's Eyes
Are You Watching This Sunset Too?
Sans Hiver
My Blue Phase

Irony's 'unplugged' album, a project which started life as the 'Sunday morning' album - laid-back, chilled and containing what is many folk's favourite Irony track, Down At The Waterhole.

Medicine Man - 1998

Medicine Man
Suitcases At Midnight
Emma's In My Head
Jigsaw Puzzle
Stuck On The Wild Frontier
Maria Bahran
Sweeping Out The Attic
Into Heroin
Down At The Waterhole

A combination of the early numbers with a good variety of styles.

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